foxswagg: Around Your Waist

tumblr_inline_n47me93iyd1qzrwfeit seems the 90s are coming back heavy when it comes fashion.
one of the styles that picked up last year in new yawk,

and seems to still be going strong,
is tying a plaid shirt around your waist.
it helps add a little extra “umph” to your fit.
tie it wrong tho,
and it can look extremely frumpy.
so here are some ideas for the foxhole to try…

get you a t,
crisp jeans,
bomber jacket,
and then tie a plaid shirt around your waist

tumblr_n2y7uqSrlK1s4k4u1o2_500now the shirt doesn’t have to particularly match,
nor does it have to be plaid,
but it should go with the overall flow.
like the overall outfit should be neutral,
but the shirt tied around your waist should stand out.
whatever you wear should create a mood.
from the colors to the patterns.
you can also wear cardigans and sweaters as well.
here is a #foxswaggtip:
if you started off wearing a sweater or cardigan,
in the middle of the day,
take it off and tie it around your waist.
ill costume change.
just make sure you are wearing a shirt underneath tho.
shirtless would be all wrong.
well unless you are doing that kind of thing.

you can tie the plaid shirt under your shirt like in the ^video,
or you can put it above it.
 there should be no limits to your fox swagg!
btw cassie killed it:

hot-trend-shirt-tied-around-weist_15lowkey: if you have a fat ass,
the shirt tied around your waist can emphasize it.
whats that moving under there…”
search_results…get the drift foxes?

for more inspiration: here

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5 thoughts on “foxswagg: Around Your Waist

  1. I love this trend I’ve been doing it since summer and every time I do I get a few complements. I really dig it plus it’s a great way to wear shirts I’m over.

  2. Nah, not my style. Can we talk about the man with the Yankees logo on his chest? Damn bruh. I like em like that.

  3. Yaass!! hunty, I love that Hey Arnold shirt skirt look. The weather ain’t good enough for me to be rocking it right now but come Springtime, I’ll be out and about. Velour needs to make a comeback because a pineapple is cold. My town just got a few inches of snow today.

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