Bend Me Over, Spread The Cheeks, and Hand It All Over (Lube At Least?)

sunscreen-pills-537x402well i did it.
i was ignoring it real heavy,
but i had to do it.
i got a nice email from my boss earlier today saying:

“deadline for health insurance ends tomorrow.
needs to be filled out NOW,
or wait until next year blah blah blah blah…”

so as i kicked and screamed on the way to being raped,
i’m legit vex that…

60 dollars is cumming clean out my check,
every time i get paid,
starting next year.

IDqyQg8just bend it over,
lube up,
and give my poor paycheck a solid pounding:
tumblr_muaqgyf9wI1rigjwbo1_400yeah baby yeah!
you are goin so deep!

since obama passed that “law” thing,
everyone HAS to have health insurance next year.
if you don’t,
you will be fined on your taxes damn near 400 dollars.
if you don’t have it the year after,
the fine doubles.
so my check is going to look real skimp come next year.
not even happy about that.
can’t complain tho.
i know some people on that “obamacare” and that violates.
300 something a month.
nahhhhhh buddy.
if you don’t have kids,
and a vagina,
you don’t really benefit.
well at least i have medical,
and vision tho…

nerlensi will be looking for a therapist next year.
plus i need a check up.
if ima be coming out of pocket,
as well as with a 20 dollar co-pay,
i might as well go hard.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Bend Me Over, Spread The Cheeks, and Hand It All Over (Lube At Least?)”

  1. Trust me Jamari…better to have the insurance, than not.
    Hell, that’s the FIRST question they ask you when you go to the doctor’s office or emergency room. what insurance do you have?
    I remember when I had my car accident. That was the first question they asked me. I was like, damn…I’m fine, thank you. I was heated! LOL

  2. It’s always a burden…until you need it. Do NOT go without health insurance. Especially after this most recent election, you will have NOTHING coming without it.

  3. I know the feeling they take money out of my check for crappy insurance that does nothing for me. I’m trying to cancel it for next year and get some good insurance.

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