Fox Is The New Black Friday

tumblr_lvbvhxQuI81qemop0i’ve done retail before.
not my favorite at all.
whenever i worked retail,
i always use to hear about the madness that was “black friday”.
the time of year when usually sane people go completely mad for sales.
for whatever reason,
i would end up either getting fired or quitting before i could work it.
god’s rejection is god’s protection?
well today there was a mass email to volunteer at a retail store in new yawk.
this store is one of the big clients at my job.
they were looking for people who wanted to work on:

black friday

i did need the extra money.
it also might be fun as well.
so i sent a reply email and said i wanted to do it…

i will be working black friday only.
as soon as i got off,
i had to go down to the store and fill out paperwork.
 the finest wolves and vixens work there.
this one muscular wolf stood out while i waited for the manager.
he was handsome,
light brown,
a little shorter than me,
and wearing this tight shirt that gripped his big ass arms.persons-0007
i nearly came in my drawz.
i think he was checkin’ me as well.
i want to be up under him.
you know…
for training purposes.

the manager was real cool.
she was a very attractive snow bunny.
she liked my style and said i’d be perfect to work with them.
one thing ive noticed about me is i’m not as shy as i use to be.
well with vixens.
its easier for me to talk and flirt with them.
i’m still working on not being a dork when it comes to wolves i’m attracted to.
2eojm12 i’ll be getting 12.50/h for the day.
she told me i’m getting more than what everyone else is getting.
i’m also getting a 60% discount until the end of the year for volunteering.
i nearly fainted at that news.
i’ll make sure to mingle so i can get a permanent connect in-house.
she told me if i want to work the other holidays,
just let her know.
i don’t really “do” retail,
but we’ll see how “black friday” goes.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Fox Is The New Black Friday”

  1. Weird, I’ve never got to work black Friday either. The first time I was let go from the job before it came around and the second time I wasn’t scheduled to work that day. I was pissed because they gave all the other employees free dinner if they did work on black Friday. I always somehow miss out on benefits.:(

    I did wanna work it just to see the chaos. I’ve only attended one black Friday. It was at a Toys R Us. It was packed and I live in a small town. I can’t even imagine how chaotic big cities like New Yawk get.

  2. I work for retail 2 yrs ago and I don’t like it, but I did work on black friday in Target, but there were nobody at all because everyone went to Wal-Mart instead it was too funny for me because all of the employees were telling me “Omg black Friday is going to be crazy and dangerous, blah, blah, blah.” but nothing happen

  3. I used to work Black Friday and during the rest of the holidays a few years ago. The pace was quicker than usual and it can be too crowded at times, but I enjoyed it. Plus the eyecandy is on 10 during these time.

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