something you did made him not fuck with you?


You ever meet a guy and he is everything?

he was everything to you.
i mean,
he could be the popular kid or the dweeb who sits at the front of the class.
there is no explanation as to why you feel drawn to him.
it’s almost like he’s a magnet.
you think about him a lot.
anytime you go to jack off,
or have sex with someone else,
he stays on your mind.
the only issue is…

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How To Be Homophobic and Do Weird Shit

emoji-poopive heard of straight wolves doing weird shit being homophobic.
vixens have shared some wild stories about homophobic wolves.
one vixen told me a wolf slapped her in the middle of sex because:

she made the mistake of grabbing and squeezing on his ass.

…like what???
well what i just read on tumblr took the whole cake.
(no pun intended)…
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