How To Be Homophobic and Do Weird Shit

emoji-poopive heard of straight wolves doing weird shit being homophobic.
vixens have shared some wild stories about homophobic wolves.
one vixen told me a wolf slapped her in the middle of sex because:

she made the mistake of grabbing and squeezing on his ass.

…like what???
well what i just read on tumblr took the whole cake.
(no pun intended)…

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megan-fox-faintingwell there goes trying to give him throat from the back.
even though that was the nastiest shit…
(in more ways than one)
…ive ever read,
he was actually pretty effective with his plan.
he should market that to people in prison.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “How To Be Homophobic and Do Weird Shit”

  1. I don’t like my butt touched either, but I damn sure wash it.

    I don’t even want a Fox to give me head from the back…I might let a fart slip out…and that shit is going to stink lol.

      1. I just don’t like it. It’s breaks the code and goes against the grain. Don’t touch my ass. A dude might draw back a nub if he touches mine.

      2. ^well damn!
        but you know what?
        those disrespectful animals who try to turn out wolves…
        i can see the hesitation.
        it seems some dudes master plan in life is to turn out other wolves so they can brag about it.

      3. Yea, some dudes try and turn us out and shit but I’m not having it. Leave my ass alone and we’re cool. I wouldn’t hurt a dude or nothing if he touches mine, but after I tell him not to and he continues to do it, that would be a problem for me.

  2. Sex is in large part about mutual enjoyment. If you are “phobic” about your ass being touch for no particular reason–like you think that it’s a gay activity or you’re a top and you don’t think that tops should allow such–then I feel sorry for you’re denying yourself sexual pleasure. And I feel sorry for your sex partner for unreasonably restricting him or her from mutual pleasure.

    1. You have to be a top or a straight man to get it. Hybrids and Foxes have biased opinions because y’all like your asses touched, we don’t. People don’t like being touched in certain places, which is normal. Some women might not like their hair pulled, and the same goes for men with dreads as well. I’m a hair puller, but if my partner says no, then I’m going to respect it no matter what the reason is. Just because sex is about mutual enjoyment doesn’t mean that anything goes. You have to respect each other’s space. If you partner doesn’t like something, don’t do it. I’m finished with this one, I already can see where it’s headed.

  3. LMFAO!! I hear stories like this so much from vixens. The amount of straight men that believe washing your ass makes you gay always shocks me. #BoycottInconsiderateStankinAssNiggas2k14

  4. The comments the vixen shared from the boyfriend she dumped were gross, but I can believe her. I asked a doctor friend if he noticed a difference in gay men and straight men in that area, and he said his gay patients were much cleaner back there. I don’t know how one could even share the same bed with someone with poor hygiene.

    This phobia of not wanting the butt touched is, I would posit, one of the reasons African American men of all economic strata have the highest rates of prostate cancer of any demographic in the world. Black men don’t want doctors poking their fingers up their butts giving digital exams to check their prostates. This results in late diagnosis of enlarged prostates and prostate cancer, which can be cured if caught early. Black men with good health insurance plans can be just as lax with their health as poorer brothers.

    Africans who are genetically close to us have some of the lowest rates of prostate cancer due to their diets, as was the case in this country when blacks ate more beans versus steak before ascending to middle class status. We see the same thing with Japanese as their diets have become more Americanized.

    Interestingly, in my city, deaths from prostate cancer are higher among black men in the more affluent wards than the less affluent ones. I should add one factor could be that brothers in the poorer neighborhoods are more prone to shoot each other and engage in other activities that they don’t live long enough to progress to prostate cancer.

    As for the sexual aspect, I hate labels since I believe chemistry between individuals determine what they will and won’t do, but as one who would fit solidly in the wolf pack, I love having my butt grabbed. I love wrestling aggressive foxes and hybrids with us grabbing, fondling, and caressing each other all over. As a matter of fact, I am turned off by someone who is so passive he just lies there for me to pounce on him.

    But, I accept there are 7 billion of us on a Planet Earth and what floats one boat might not float another.

  5. LMAO i have never in my life, even with wolves who dont like you to touch their ass, heard of any foolishness like that..he wasn’t a homophobe he was just a trifling motherfucka let’s be real lol…he didn’t even want a rag in his ass but he rather his ass smell like shit..what about tissue would that be gay rotfl..smh i bet he was black because no white homophobe would say that i bet hard earned cash…i cant lol #DEAD

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