so obama was out here doing the gay and smoking the crack?

slowly move it all the back.
whenever someone in the media starts getting randomly tarnished,
i start asking myself:

“WTF did they do?”

barack obama has been tarnished for many years by those who oppose him.
they want something,
to happily say he wasn’t “perfect“.
this happens to many of us when we are chosen tbh.
black and chosen,
but whatever.

tucker carlson wants to be the one to break a bombshell about obama.
in a new interview on his twitter show,
he has a random claiming obama smoked crack before they did the gay.
life hasn’t been kind to this random…

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“Listen, I Know My D*ck Is Like Crack”

gilbert arenas is hood af and lost his filter a long time ago.
is this what happens to some ex baller wolves?
well it seems to be the case here.
well gilbert is in yet another scandal.
this time,
with some random vixen that put a restraining order on him.
it was what he said to her on ig tho via “tmz”
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LOL1the pretty vixen sent me ^this in a text the other day.
i swear to god that every time i see it,
bad mood or not,
i bust out laughing.
it never fails.
reading it and then seeing nene face kills me.
karaoke gonna ask me when i sent it to her:

“what does put them to sleep mean?”
murder or whoring?”

e524e2b9d1a67ef4384d59c98640cce7.320x240x21i had to give her a quick run down of putting one back to sleep.
thanks chris brown.
i had a question for the foxhole after look at the meme tho…


How To Be Homophobic and Do Weird Shit

emoji-poopive heard of straight wolves doing weird shit being homophobic.
vixens have shared some wild stories about homophobic wolves.
one vixen told me a wolf slapped her in the middle of sex because:

she made the mistake of grabbing and squeezing on his ass.

…like what???
well what i just read on tumblr took the whole cake.
(no pun intended)…
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It’ll Cost 10,000 To Get A “Fat Ol Donkey Ass” By Christmas!

oh, how the world loves a fat ol donkey ass.
as a vixen, you get access into VIP and some baller wolf pipe.
as a fox, you get bumped to the front of the pipe line of the exclusive wolves and hybrids.
why wouldn’t anyone want one?
now that you can buy one,
it is the hot new item for christmas this year.
but, i started to wonder if having a fat ol donkey ass is all that it’s cracked up to be?
(cracked… get it?)
because it seems like your face, personality, and health status are bounced out the equation.
all for a night inside that fat ol donkey ass.
i started to wonder…

Is a “fat ol donkey ass” the new “face“?

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