“Listen, I Know My D*ck Is Like Crack”

gilbert arenas is hood af and lost his filter a long time ago.
is this what happens to some ex baller wolves?
well it seems to be the case here.
well gilbert is in yet another scandal.
this time,
with some random vixen that put a restraining order on him.
it was what he said to her on ig tho via “tmz”

Gilbert Arenas claims the woman who got a temporary restraining order against him is lying and just sent a very crass message to her:

“Listen I know my d*ck is like crack but don’t play yea self.”

TMZ Sports broke the story … a woman who says she’s been in an on-again, off-again relationship with the ex-NBA star says he’s been harassing her and threatening to send naked pics and videos to her 10-year-old son.

According to court docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court and obtained by TMZ Sports … the woman obtained a temporary restraining order against Arenas. 

Arenas is upset and lashed out on Instagram … saying,

where the image you had of folks goes to die.

lowkey: am i the only one that was shocked to learn laura govan was his baby mama?
he has/had a huge tail when playing in the nba.

i guess that was his only redeeming quality?

article: tmz

12 thoughts on ““Listen, I Know My D*ck Is Like Crack”

  1. Reminds me of the pimps and drug dealers who put coke on the tip of their dicks and fuck vixens to get them strung out.

  2. If you gotta say your dick is good, then its likely exaggeration…

    He’s one of those types that would never get laid if he wasn’t in the NBA

  3. He needs to just shut up and turn around and let us see that ass! I just wanna see his butt, he can keep quiet🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. That was when he was actively playing…does he still have it?! I doubt it.
      He need to be concerned about how he’s going to afford child support. Those big checks are no longer coming in.
      I don’t feel sorry for these dudes. They unnecessarily put themselves in this position, thinking with the head between their legs and not the one on their shoulders! LOL

  4. He may be an ex-NBA player but he is currently still a drafted ho.

    Men that brag on their peen, usually have no reason to. The best ones are the quite ones with the adorable smiles who turn into a complete monster in the bedroom and f**k you like they hate you.

    1. YAAASSSS!!!! And for the love of all things UNHOLY lol do not sleep on the NERD🤓 DICK & BOOTY.. all that pent up freakiness EXPLODES all over the mofu place. S/N I work in the Microsoft building and these new nerds are the TRUTH!!!! 😈😛

  5. Isn’t this the same dumbass that said lupita is not cute whatsoever because he “misread” a post about black women not needing to obtain eurocentric features?

    I honestly doubt he has good dick I get quick & then he’s sleep farting in your bed vibes from him……nvm he has to have something going for him.

    1. R J I’m with you. He’s nothing but an ignorant hoodbooger who lucked up on the court. He proved to be the simpleton that he is when he insulted Lupita for being dark skin Kenyan woman. I can’t stand dumb men like him in our community, you wouldn’t catch me 10 feet next to those types. GAY or STRAIGHT. One thing I can’t take is an idiot.

  6. 90% of the NBA are HoodRats
    3% are Bi-Sexual
    2% are Sucking Dicks and Spreading Legs
    And 5% are actually gentlemen. Arenas ain’t in the 5%.😁😁😁

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