“Listen, I Know My D*ck Is Like Crack”

gilbert arenas is hood af and lost his filter a long time ago.
is this what happens to some ex baller wolves?
well it seems to be the case here.
well gilbert is in yet another scandal.
this time,
with some random vixen that put a restraining order on him.
it was what he said to her on ig tho via “tmz”
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Laura Govan Wants You To Eat It All Up

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 6.57.56 PMhow do you tell someone,
after they invite you over for dinner,
that the slop they made looks indigestible?
well you go ahead and think.
i’ll say it so i can head to the nearest restaurant.
 laura govan,
of bbw fame,
wants us to see her cheffin’ skills!
look at what she made for dinner
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