Trevor Jackson Bares All For Us “Right Now”

i think trevor jackson is so sexy.
how old is he?
but of age.
either way,
he gives off crazy sex appeal.

well trevor has a new album out called “rough drafts prt. 1”.
he debuted a video called “right now” where he bares all.
literally @3:50

he is having sex.
that is actually a pretty good song.
it made me want to check out his music.
lowkey: i love when he sings up in the camera on his ig…

he has good vocals and i love his speaking voice.
ya know,
i’ll allow trevor.
he is going to be a problem once he gets older.
he might be one right now.
you can check out “rough drafts pt. 1” on itunes,
google play,
and all streaming services.

lowkey: i watched “grownish” just to see him at times.
is it wrong to font that?
i don’t think “superfly” will be that good,

check out more of trevor on: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “Trevor Jackson Bares All For Us “Right Now””

  1. Not bad the song reminds me of what Chris Brown should/could be doing if he tried a bit better. Its got a great beat & his vocals are nice….however he’s fine af and I support that as well.

  2. So when is someone going to shake up the whole fucking world and finally do frontal shots with dicks ad balls hanging like apples on a tree? When Oh Lord WHEN?????

  3. Such a great song. Actually his album is pretty good. I keep this one on repeat. Broken-hearted is another that I really like.

  4. Great video and song and he’s sexy

    I’m going to check out his Wendy interview from yesterday

  5. Nothing really stands to me with this one. He has cuteness but ya know….sometimes people gives others a little more leeway because they are attactive … just sometimes.

    Music is so weird today with stuttering beats and vocoder vocals….wait there was Madonna back in the day…nevermind

  6. Naked men EVERYWHERE that I just can’t touch.Leaves one in a state of mild irritation for no reason

  7. He has the personality of a box the same box that he couldn’t act himself out of.

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