It’ll Cost 10,000 To Get A “Fat Ol Donkey Ass” By Christmas!

oh, how the world loves a fat ol donkey ass.
as a vixen, you get access into VIP and some baller wolf pipe.
as a fox, you get bumped to the front of the pipe line of the exclusive wolves and hybrids.
why wouldn’t anyone want one?
now that you can buy one,
it is the hot new item for christmas this year.
but, i started to wonder if having a fat ol donkey ass is all that it’s cracked up to be?
(cracked… get it?)
because it seems like your face, personality, and health status are bounced out the equation.
all for a night inside that fat ol donkey ass.
i started to wonder…

Is a “fat ol donkey ass” the new “face“?

i went to the store today to pick up a few items for dinner.
this particular store is pretty cheap,
but also very hood.
i only started coming since i quit my job.
my other store is too expensive now.
it’s so bad,
someone was shot around the corner the other day.

as i was coming out,
all i saw was ass in front of me.
fat ol donkey spanish ass.
i thought it was a vixen, in all honesty.
but this was a typical new york queen.
tight hoody.
skinny painted on jeans.
high top sneakers.
you ever saw ass in skinny jeans that had the curve at the bottom?
well, that was he and he had it.
he was shaped like a coke bottle and he knew it.
what took the cake was the hood wolves that were standing outside.
all 3 were all looking at him.
you could tell they were getting hard.
i watched their eyes secretly follow him as he twisted down the street.
i’m sure one (if not all) will try to beat.
ass out rule straightness these days.
you can get a “straight” wolf to do anything if your ass is fat.
why do you think these queens are getting “trade“?
i’m sure this spanish queen was getting his fair share.
no doubt in my mind.
but, was he landing a boyfriend?
was that ass getting him checks?
or, was it just getting him luxurioustrade“?

we all see the entries about that escort with the “fat water balloon ass”.
everyone is all shocked and appalled he would do that.

his ass looked fine before,” they said.
why would he do that?” they wondered.

but realistically, the lifestyle has made it that way.
these insecure foxes, jackals, and hyenas are trying to get accepted with two round melons in their pants.
how else would your business card work on social chat sites?

i started to wonder about having the “fat ol donkey ass“.
i wondered about that spanish queen and what his daily life was like.
was he passed around his block?
did he have a job?
was he wearing diapers?
sure his ass can bounce off a pipe smooth and it probably looks great naked,
but does it led to the low self-worth of himself and others?
is the new thing to pump up your ass so you can impress a nigga who will care about you for one night?
risking your safety with some illegal injections to throw your “business card” in the ring?
and why is it when a fox says a wolf needs to be paid and look like a baller wolf,
that means body and pipe like whoa,
then we are “asking for too much” or being “unrealistic”?

so let me get this straight.
you want my ass to be on donkey.
but then i need you to be on that work out:


… suddenly you got standards?
it bugs me when a wolf tells me i need to be realistic about my desires,
but he has many of his own.
fat ass.
can’t be detected in the streets.
but as much as these wolves like a fat ol donkey ass,
they are usually attached to the biggest queens.

the sames ones they are “so against“.
yet will take one down because he has a fat ol donkey ass.

yeah ok nigga.
i had to ask…

Is the lifestyle just one big contradiction?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “It’ll Cost 10,000 To Get A “Fat Ol Donkey Ass” By Christmas!”

  1. It’s sad. It’s nice to look at but then you hope they have an identity/self worth/self respect, something a lot of people will never have.

    1. ^thats what I mean!
      these people have no fire behind their eyes anymore.
      i’m not saying an ass isn’t nice…

      But damn, is that it?
      because all the younger ones think that’s it.

      1. I don’t think we live in an oversexed culture, we live in a very shallow culture. I had lived in Brazil where they embrace sex, but not in a whorish way.

  2. For one, a lot of guys lie about what they really want to others. Some say that they don’t like men who get injections, but they are the first one fucking one. They say they don’t like fems, but they will bend one over the bed and pound that ass in a heartbeat. However, I’ve never looked at it from this point of view before. It’s not a contradiction unless you lie to your own self. Telling people things that are untrue to is not a contradicting yourself if you yourself know otherwise. It’s all about one’s opinions and thoughts to themselves, not what they say publicly in front of friends and family, that’s just a cover up. It just appears that they are contradicting themselves based off of what that person has told others. So they are not contradicting themselves they are just lying from the start and not being honest with other people, but they know what the truth is.

    Personally, I don’t lie to others about what I want. I want a man who is masculine, undetectable, and discreet. I basically what a mirrored image of myself. A fat ass is not a must for me at all. I think they are overrated, especially if they aren’t real.

      1. They are overrated because people make such a big deal over them, and some are willing to risk their lives to get a bigger butt, it’s sad.

  3. Bottoms compete for tops, not the other way around.

    Men of the bottom variety can claim their weighing their options and staying to themselves, but that’s rarely the case. If a lot of tops are sweating one bottom, in most cases they want to fuck.

    Being pursued by a lot of dudes that want to fuck isn’t much of a compliment being that most men will fuck just about anything when they’re horny and can have no strings attached.

    The reality is more and more men are settling for being lusted after if they can’t be loved. I can understand that on some level.

      1. Most dudes don’t go to those extremes, but you find most gay/bi dudes in the gym and the high end underwear section for a reason. Dude wasn’t advertising that ass to get them to come and get to know him, he wanted them to gag. We give all these P.C. responses like “we want to be what we seek” and “we’re doing it for ourselves”, but like I said a lot of us are willing to settle for being lusted after if we can’t be loved.

  4. @Jamari: Nothing wrong with that, but which is harder, a top finding a bottom with a fat ass that will let him smash everyday and twice on Sundays or you finding a full top with body, that gets down with men with no crazy baby mama’s, no stds, and will actually approach and won’t ask for gas money? Lmao! I know it’s not supposed to be funny though.

  5. LMAO I can’t breathe! The majority of escorts in this lifestyle are “tops” for a reason. The demand clearly exceeds the supply and dudes are capitalizing.

    The few healthy relationships I’ve actually seen between two men have been where both men are kind of in between, rather than one being super masculine and the other being submissive. One couple in particular told me that they had never dated someone like each other in the past and they weren’t each other’s types. Very enlightening conversation.

  6. I feel the lifestyle is… and you questioning this issue is a display of that.

    I feel you can’t question or critique tops choices and bottoms choices, when you only showcase tops of one ‘certain’ kind. Its like no bother debating issues, if you have your own values. Its like an insecureness of yourself trying to gain validation on an issue.. you feel unsteady about. My opinion personally..

  7. Asses are pretty to look at and for the longest time I wish I had a donkey ass. I am not extremely endowed in the ass department but Ive got a 6’4, chocolatey muscular man who loves me implicitly!
    The trick is finding a guy who is ready to settle down and who isnt interested in the fickleness of this lifestyle. A guy who is ok being with you and only you. Trust me, they are out there! You also have to drop the thirst at the door and make sure you are comfortable in your skin and the physical assets you posess cos I find that the physical attributes my man likes about me are some of the things i consider flaws!
    Please Foxes, dont be afraid to wait! Sure you might kiss (suck) a few frogs along the way but keep your ideals and standards in mind and be have the courage to go for what you want and you WILL find him!
    Theres nothing like having someone who wants you for you. May the force be with us!

      1. Hey Jamari!

        Well its funny how we met. I went to a careers fair for ethnic minorities and he was one of the representatives for his bank. He’s very good looking but i didn’t think much of it cos i was there to get pointers and make movements as regards getting into the industry. Anyway we happened to speak cos i was interested in working at his bank. He took my cv and gave me his card (as did many other reps) and said he would send me a follow up email. (I must say at this point though that it is ALWAYS in the eyes, so pay attention. I’m not saying go about looking for clues but if you feel threes something there, 85% of the time there is)

        Anyway he emails me and invites me for another fair his company organized. I went for it and met another colleague of mine who offered me a 2 week (unpaid)internship with the option to extend and i was over the moon. There still was no sexual heat btw me and my man but he became a mentor of sorts.

        Anyway, after about 6 months i went to my cousins wedding and the reception was at a hotel in the country. I went to the balcony for a cigarette and there he was. It was weird seeing him in a social setting but very nice too. We talked for a while and he said he was at a training and they put them up in the hotel and asked me to come round to try some 65% jamaican rum he’d just got from a friend.

        I went to his room later on that evening, we talked and chilled and laughed like old friends and i was about to go when this man grabs me and kisses me. It was very strange but i let it happen. The chemistry was just right. We didn’t have sex on the first night though. Fastforward 3 weeks later and he asked me to be his boyfriend and I said yes.

        Now to the cheat sheet 🙂

        A few things i notice happened differently from my other (failed) encounters

        1. I stopped chasing after and settling for one night links. I made a mental note to stop selling myself short and wouldn’t do anything with anyone just for the sake of a nut. I was over it. Mentally I was completely and totally over the fuckery.

        2. I started going to the gym and doing things i enjoyed. I learnt the guitar, started working on building a career in my industry and just tried to live as honestly and freely as i could.

        3. I didn’t try to make a move on this man! Don’t get me wrong, i would look fly at every given opportunity but it wasn’t for his benefit! PS: an air of mystery is always very seductive

        4. I didn’t bang him on our first encounter. This is soooo important guys! Straight people can do it and still have long lasting relationships (albeit rarely) but it doesn’t work with us. Especially with hot wolves. This is because they can get it so easily anyway. You gotta set urself apart!

        5. Honest communication from the start. Men lie too much! These lies always make for short lived relationships. We were upfront about what we wanted from the first night he kissed me. And as luck would have it we were on the same page.
        Wolves, don’t be afraid to say you’re not feeling a fox. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t want a relationship. It helps us put things in perspective and make an informed decision.
        Foxes, the fact that he doesn’t want you dosn’t mean you’re unloveable! Don’t waste ur time loving/lusting after/desiring/obsessing over people who don’t want u and can hurt u! If you want a fuck, say it! if you want a relationship, say it! if you’re not sure, say it! Be as clear and consistent (blowing hot and cold is also a no-no) as possible as regards what you want every step of the way.

        6. As much as we want a really really hot wolf, thats not what really matters, as cliche as it sounds. Looks will fade, even if they don’t, you will get used to them and won’t even notice anymore. And even really hot wolves will annoy you, they’re human beings too! Im not saying lower your standards but be open-minded. Make sure you don’t mix your pre-requisites with your preferences. Thats very important. Make a list of your preferences and prerequisites and stick to them(or adjust them as you go along).

        7. Give it time. Be patient. And open. A lot of people say they want a man but if you examine yourself, are you ready for a relationship? its hard work. Are you ready to make the required sacrifices? Are you ready to put up with the unique idiosyncrasies of another human being? The truth is a lot of us aren’t. Without sounding like something out of ‘the secret’ you usually get what u desire but it has to be precluded by a clear and distinct vision, backed up with will and effort.

        Im so sorry i’ve gone on a long rant J, I just really want all of us to WIN, but like my girl Lauryn said- ‘How u gonna win when you ain’t right within?”

        Big love boys x x

      2. Thanks J. You don’t know how much you’ve encouraged me these few years i’ve been visiting your website. THANK YOU.

  8. Well, speaking from the perspective of someone with a big ass naturally, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be and I personally don’t understand why people get butt injections because they look stupid with them.

    My ass is big, but I also have big thighs to support it. When you don’t have that support, you look stupid (ie. Nicki Minaj).

    I have trouble finding jeans that fit. I’m constantly berated with the “your ass is so fat” comments. And men seem to think a big ass gives them license to make lewd comments to you or put their hands on you.

    There’s more to life.

    1. “He gotta big booty so I call him big booty” Lol

      Having a big ass can have you wearing size 38 jeans when your waist is actually much smaller. Thats why I opt for chinos and khakis. Lol they don’t hug you as much.

  9. Men are becoming so much like some women with self esteem issues and trying to get the biggest ass or penis, what up with the plastic surg. thing?

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