LOL1the pretty vixen sent me ^this in a text the other day.
i swear to god that every time i see it,
bad mood or not,
i bust out laughing.
it never fails.
reading it and then seeing nene face kills me.
karaoke gonna ask me when i sent it to her:

“what does put them to sleep mean?”
murder or whoring?”

e524e2b9d1a67ef4384d59c98640cce7.320x240x21i had to give her a quick run down of putting one back to sleep.
thanks chris brown.
i had a question for the foxhole after look at the meme tho…

Should we really be going through our man’s phone?

you may find something you shouldn’t,
but at the same time,
is there a level of privacy/trust we should give another?
insecurities can make us go on spy missions.
like what do you say when you are caught red handed?
i say if you feel something ain’t right in your gut,
it probably isn’t.
does that mean we should crack passwords and head to:

google talk?

yahoo messenger?

the secret folder (usually utilities) where jack’d is?

tumblr_n6re6tLDmz1tx0eb6o1_400…or just leave it alone and tame our insecurities?
i also had to wonder…

How would you feel if you caught him going through your phone?

we always forget how we would feel if someone did that to us.


  1. I’m not going through shit.

    If they unhappy, they’ll leave. If I’m unhappy, then I’ll go. I don’t need proof of anything. If I’m feeling uneasy, then I’m moving on to someone/something else.

    Also, I’m not going through someone else’s phone, because I don’t want them going through mine. Not that I have something to hide, but I don’t want you reading my conversations between me and my family or friends.

  2. Well. You going digging, you’ll get dirt. My exes ALWAYS go through my phone and I leave everything where it is. It isn’t their business. So get mad, that just tells me that you’re truly untrustworthy and a snoop and I’ll always see them as that. I’ve never cared enough to go through their phones or any other networking outlet.

  3. If you’re not comfortable with me going through your phone we need not be together.

    I’m upfront about my booty pics collection dating back from 2005 in my phone and if I’m into you, you’re not gonna find anything in my phone but emails and texts of me curving various thots.

    Going through ones phone is too personal but we fucking aren’t we? I don’t play that shit. Dudes attention span are too short to the point they’re already on to the next just when the other party is getting comfortable.

    I’m not dating anyone still on jackd, Grindr, a4a, or anything similar. If I can’t have access to your phone it’s a no deal either.

    1. I would say that if you asked me to see my phone, I have the option of saying yes or no. But I don’t expect you to be snooping around in my shyt when I’m not around/in the room. THAT makes me not trust YOU. Since I’m usually an open book, I have nothing to hide…so I’ll let you go through my numbers/texts. But even if you are dating someone…there are some parts of yourself you need to keep to/for yourself. Sharing too much can sometimes come back to kick ya in the ass.

    2. As the proverbial saying goes….be careful what you o looking for, because chances are you may not like what you find!

  4. I was always under the assumption that going thru phones is okay because we have nothing to hide from each other. I wouldn’t mind a man going thru mine because there’s nothing on it that I wouldn’t want him to see. It’s only when you got a side nigga that you don’t want anybody looking thru your texts.

    That’s how I’ve always seen it.

  5. I’ve been guilty of going through one of my exes journal. He got into a fight and I had to pick up his property from the precinct. And of course me being the Scorpio that I am, I saw some things. Some girls names including his son’s mother. Nothing specific or explicit except for the words “Midtown Action”. He’s a Libra who boderlined on OCD. I waited 1 1/2 months before I sprung it on him.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚There’s a line between checking and just being crazy. Some people get insecure or have trusting issues, so they check. I’m good with that, not too much harm. But when you out here with a PI, cameras, trackers, and hacking into stuff then it’s time to worry.

  7. The nutjob I used to date tried that. He would try to check my phone to see who I was calling or was calling me.

  8. All I have to do is run a background check and lurk, and I will know everything I need to know, even if you are cheating. Damn going through your phone.

  9. If you feel the need to go through a lovers phone, you already know what you are gonna find. You find it and still stay with sneaky ass dudes

  10. I always tell any potential mate I will never go through their phone, and I don’t, but I do let them know if I feel the need to second guess or to snoop I will end it right there. I won’t give you any reason to doubt or not trust me and I expect the same.

    1. ^my nasty habit is looking at the phone when the text comes through.
      it could be in his hand,
      but if i see those “blue or green” bubbles,
      i’m already trying to make out the name.

      clearly i’m nosy troy LOL

    2. ^ Troy, yes I totally feel like you do, once I get the feeling something might be up that’s normally all the proof I need to know someone is not being faithful. A lot of people don’t go with their instinct on certain things and that feeling is normally God or the universe trying to tell you something.

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