“I Want To Report A Rape”

last night,
i was restless.
i wanted to watch a movie,
but i didn’t know what to watch.
i was going to attempt “the conjuring”,
but i know i how i get after a scary movie.
every light would be on along with a disney movie.
so i decided to watch a new tv show.
well one in particular,
the trailer caught my attention a month or two ago.
what was it?…


The second season of American Crime is set in the U.S. Midwest — representative of the canvas that is America — at two high schools, one public and one private. Issues of sexual orientation and socioeconomic disparity come to a boil when lurid photos of a high school boy, Taylor Blaine, are posted on social media following a school party. Circumstances become more complicated when Taylor accuses two players on an elite private high school’s championship basketball team, Kevin LaCroix and Eric Tanner, of drugging, assaulting and then posting the pictures of him online. 


i didn’t watch the first season,
but this second season has me HOOKED!
the acting and writing>>>>>>>
i like that every season is a different story too.
i’m enjoying shows that do this.
either way,
i want the foxhole to check it out.
this story is definitely one we could relate to.
let me know what you think after!
“american crime” comes on every wednesday at 10p.

lowkey: is it me,
or did the mother of the cub go dumb hard?
he didn’t even admit…


x watch 2nd

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on ““I Want To Report A Rape””

  1. I’ve been wanting to check out this season season for a min after I heared so many good things about the first season. The acting is strong and the story changes every season so the show doesn’t get stale cough cough Ryan Murphy. Should take notes

  2. I’m watching it .I am also following the true story in Tennessee where three high school basketball players have been charged with raping a player with a pool stick.Their coach and athletic director have been charged with failing to report the abuse .

    1. ^oh my god!
      its funny how coaches will cover shit up for players.
      i wonder how many rapes,
      or same sex scandals,
      have been hidden from the public with (pre or un pre)baller wolves…

  3. I love American Crime. Regina King won her Emmy for that roll. I haven’t watched the last episode of Season 1 yet..which is still on my hard drive along episode 1 & 2 of this season. The sunject this season is an eye opener.I looooves me some Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000. Sometimes I hate commercial breaks so I download episodes of my favorite shows.

    Btw, when it comes to a scary movie, mostly those paranormal type joints, I no longer watch unless it’s in the daytime and always followed by a comedy or two. I too enjoy the format of a show’s story line being a whole season, like “Murder In The First” (Taye Diggs), “Secrets & Lies” (Juliette Lewis), which Michael Ealy is also a part of in Season two.

  4. Great show. And there appears to be a side story where one high school guy is having an affair (kissing) with a man in his 20s or 30s. I have yet to determine if they high school guy is the guy that may have been raped by his teammates on the basket ball team. Can anyone tell me if it’s the same high school guy or a different one?

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