i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (98)

some black males be so embarrassing when the date outside their race.
it don’t matter who they are,
there is always this layer of corn that surrounds them.
i saw this picture trending on twitter and had to roll my eyes

i bet you this was his idea.
it seems like he was the brains behind this operation.
someone on twitter said her knees look like angry babies.

i can never unsee it.

lowkey: don’t sleep because it’s like some white males who date black vixens.
they want to school you on every hip hop song dating back to the early 00s.
i feel like some folks who date interracial become who they’re dating/sleeping with.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (98)

  1. Folks do anything for social media fame. He’s talking about white lives matter we know they do because their asses aren’t shot 8 times while sleeping in their by scary ass police

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