I Turned Him Out With Good Food, Good Sex, Good Talk… and He Bought Me A House.

do you know when you are looking like an idiot?
i mean, we all know at some point when we are fucking up.
we let someone in our lives and that person becomes our “all”,
we lose our focus and end up in a very dark place.
we stop calling our friends.
family becomes pushed to the side.
everything becomes about “him”.
we start being him.
we start to lose ourselves.
we don’t even realize he is trying to play us.
you think you are doing good,
but this mofo was the worst thing to come in your life.
do you really know when you have completely gone from “doing well“…
to “damn homie! you was the man homie…!”?
i started to wonder…

Can some dick/cheeks really be bad for you?

i was thinking about this ocho/evelyn drama last night in bed.
i started to look at things from both of their situations and i could see where things went wrong.
they were actually not good for each other.
they tried to make a one night stand turn into a working relationship.
one had visions of fame; the other have visions of money.

evelyn is a loud mouth gold digger who “cuts and runs” in drama.
she instigated things with her friends and the other females,
as you can see on the show.
she is really a angry person who can’t control it.
jenn tried to warn her that this was not a good idea and she didn’t listen.
she got so wrapped up in trying to be a wife.
she was desperate actually.
sadly, she let this wolf talk to her any which way.
she even agreed that it was okay for him to cheat on her,
as long as he told her and she picked the vixen.
certainly not the bitch throwing bottles in restaurants.

chad has always been an attention whore.
even before he got with evelyn,
i never knew him for his baller wolf skills.
i knew him as that nigga who always needed some kind of attention.
he managed to go this whole time without an arrest record.
but, as soon as he dipped his pen in that reality latina ink,
he started to fuck up a lot more.
teams didn’t want him because of the negative attention he started bring.
the ones who did sign him, realized he didn’t live up to the “baller wolf” potential.
he saw lights, camera, action and lost himself within the glare.
now he is jobless and carries a new title: ABUSER.

i started to wonder what happens when you meet someone and they’re not good for you….
why do we ignore the signs from jump?
or, do we just not see them?
some wolves/foxes/hybrids are so good at manipulation,
that you would not even know.
i know so many foxes who met the wrong wolf and lost it all.
they let a good pipe shift what was left of their common sense.
i often wonder if it a self esteem issue…
but I doubt it.

anyone can be turned out by the right one.
all that person has to do is slowly penetrate your brain with words covered in candy coated poison.
mix that with some GREAT sex and a emotional connection to something you are missing…
…and you are hooked.

typically, the person is fine as shit but a potential loser.
no job, no goals, and no fallback.
he has a “career” he wants to get, but hasn’t worked towards it.
usually, he is looking to be saved.
he goes from person to person,
evolving into whatever they like,
and getting what they need until it’s over and he is onto the next.

next stop: a testimony in YOUR the near future.

so i started to wonder…

Are you a soon to be victim ready to be turnt out?

don’t get turnt out…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Turned Him Out With Good Food, Good Sex, Good Talk… and He Bought Me A House.”

  1. Chad should have know better than to marry this she-devil. Why did he think Antoine Walker just kept her for years without marrying her?

  2. There’s a great movie/play called Closer (Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen) that shows 4 people who all seem like great people until they start dating each other. Then you see just how vile, needy, desperate, evil, and unhappy all of them really are. I’ve definitely experienced the same; sometimes the person is great as a friend but when that friendship turns into something more intimate, the insecurities come out and you see a side of people you didn’t know existed.

    I have a vixen friend who is a great example. She draws girls in with her confidence, her wit, her drive only to turn into a submissive, emotionally needy, clingy doormat. Eve and Chad weren’t right for each other, but sometimes relationships bring out the worst in people. What attracted them to each other was probably a mask for what they were trying to hide and fix within themselves.

  3. but i think her gold digger nature his zeal for fame was a good combo cause the two go hand in hand plus with her in the money pot less chance he ending up a broke baller, lets be honest negros waste alot of money balling and penniless at the end of their tenures.
    But i agree always pay attention to key signs if the same shit keeps happening guess wat it is what it looks like. too many kats trying to be their man friend tired tell these foxes once you upgraded to “boy friend” or “my man” your work totally different you no longer one of his bois but at the same time you not his mama dont nag him.Because kiddies bois dont care who they bois smash after kicking it with them.

  4. ^i find gay relationships have the hardest issues.
    one, because a lot of us are alone.
    two, when you meet someone fine as shit, all logic goes out the window in trying to keep this person.

    1. I don’t think gay relationships have the hardest issues. Relationships are a struggle period. If your only experience of being in any type of relationship has been dysfunctional it’s tough to get out of that spiral of negativity and not bring it into any of your relationships–romantic or otherwise.

      There is not a thing wrong with being alone, the problem is being lonely. Loneliness and desperation go together…you start making excuses, justifying fucked up situations and fucked up people.

      At some point you gotta look past fine or be more selective on what qualifies as fine.

      Your preferred body type + broke as hell, bipolar, illiterate, mean as shit, psychopathic, violent felon NEGATES anything close to fine. Being fine or sexy ain’t enough to make any situation last. Beauty fades. Chemistry and a connection are the things that make it work.

  5. I always told myself that I will never be a victim. Females have put me through the most hell relationship wise, but their easier to catch tho. I’m the type of person that addresses every issue that I see as a red flag. I don’t really let anything slide. Some peope ignore signs because they are willing to tolerate anything to just to be in a relationship, that does happen often, which leads to a disaster relationship. This Chad and Ev relationship was exposure for the both of them.

    S/N: Chad was a beast IMO in Cincinatti but he has feel off. From what I read, Chad wanted to leave Cinci because they they really weren’t going anywhere.

  6. We tend to think of the red flags the universe sends us as challenges we have to go through to be with that person who is not the one. I mean love has its challenges but if you find yourself facing challenge after challenge you may want to take a hint.

    1. But they never take a hint.

      Dudes and chicks know way in advance if the person they are having relations with ain’t shit. Every single time they ignore the signs, falling in love with potential, or the worse trying to save these hoes because they feel bad for them.

      Later for all that.

      Also, just because you have love for somebody or is in love with someone doesn’t necessarily mean you can be with that person for any period of time. Sometimes life throws positive roadblocks in the way too.

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