don’t you know my foxes love for you to bend us over your knee and spank us?…
i have a fox that wants to be spanked because he has been bad

spank him hard real hard and then put that ass on punishment.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “WOLF MEAT (94)

  1. DAMN……he got a fat ass. Dude got some muscles too.

    I remember him from another post. I never forget an ass. LOL

    1. Same thing I’m thinking. His ass is not proportional to his body at all.

      Why don’t you show us what a real one looks like Random?! Lol

      1. Damn I feel stupid if those are ass injections. LOL I didn’t even know niggas were into that ish.

        S/N: I wanna see your ass too Random. To be honest I wanna see all of you.

  2. Not for me, I like those tight, rock hard butt cakes, not cakes that would look good on a girl. And how can you take seriously any man who would even consider wearing underwear like that!!!! No thanks! Moving swiftly on!

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