He Slapped And Pulled Me By My Hair Into The Hallway

i am so shaken up right.
i can’t even think straight.
i’m mad.
i’m sad.
i want to cry.
i want to beat this nigga’s ass.
i want to call the police.
i want to do nothing.
i’m confused…

i don’t even get it…

i’m on the phone with star fox,
talking about bullshit,
and i hear this girl scream and this loud thud in my hallway.
confused, i opened up my door quietly and looked out.
this wolf that lives in my building is beating the hell up out this vixen.
he is punching her and slapping her in the face.
she is literally screaming.
he then takes her by her hair and drags her into the stairway.
she is hollering bloody murder at this point.
he is yelling at her.
i become numb and i start to shake.
i hate that.
i hate domestic violence.
last time i called the police, they never showed up.
fucking nypd.

i use to see this same wolf with his mother at like 15.
you know the story…
single mother, poor, and living on welfare.
he would always dap me when he saw me.
over the year, i saw him get wrapped up with the neighbor ragga muffins.
smoking, gang signs, dropped out of school, and the niceness faded.
i noticed he would be with a big chick.
she would always look sad when she was with him.
she would follow him around like a puppy dog.
i’m also sure she was sponsoring his life,
as he has no job and basically does nothing all day.

it saddened me to hear/see her getting beat up.
she ran out the building, in a few minutes, he went looking for her.
thankfully, he didn’t find her.
this is not the first time i have seen domestic violence up close with young wolves and vixens.
i go to get my mail and this wolf is beating up his baby mama.
sadly, the baby was in the stroller watching.
another incident was another young wolf dragging his vixen across the street by her hair.
he then gave her a mean uppercut that made her stop fighting.
fifteen minutes later,
he brings her outside by her neck while holding a metal rod in his hand.

that shit makes me so sad.
i hate to see that type of shit.
it really disturbs me.

that shit fucked my day up.
i bet she will be back with him tomorrow.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “He Slapped And Pulled Me By My Hair Into The Hallway”

  1. DAMN that’s fucked up. I have witnessed abuse too and it’s not a pretty sight. It’s sad how women let themselves be abused, and how they keep going back to their abusers over and over.

  2. Yea, when in lived in the projects this type of behavior was normal and what made it worse was she would return to him with a refreshed love to be with him.

  3. Now this is a definition of a real punk ass bitch. No respect for a dude that hits a female, but the sad part about it is that she will be right back making excuses and justifying his behavior like its her fault. I have seen it so many times. Hopefully before its too late she will wake up and put some fire under this jigga ass.

  4. It is so easy to say you would do something about it but if i saw that up close i dont think i could handle that or do something about it. When a man hits a woman i bieleve that he should die. No bull shit straight thug shit I guess. sigh…….

  5. I have witnessed domestic abuse as well (a young couple). Any man who hits a woman is a bitch-ass. If she hits you, you get a woman to whoop her ass. Keep your hands off of her. Hopefully she has someone she can call to beat his ass worse than he did her.

    Unfortunately, she may be back with him soon if there is a baby involved. He’ll sweet talk his way inside. Then he’ll somehow end up fucking her senseless. She’ll casually forget that he beat her down in front of her child, and the saga will continue.

    I hope it doesn’t end that way, but it usually does. Keep us posted.

    1. ^sadly,
      he beats her up and then he beats it
      same story.
      i hated the screaming.
      top of her lungs screaming.
      it haunted me.
      plus they are teenagers.
      he is probably angry at life and she is a push over.

      but, ill keep everyone updated.

  6. WOW… Thats not fuckin right at all…. Men who beat up women really need to be hung by the balls, we are naturally stronger than women and a love tap to us would be a brutal blow to them (well some of them). I just dont condone beating up a woman.

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