Put It In My Hair


male grooming is one of the most important aspects for a fox.
wolves and hybrids please also apply.
you can’t be a member of the foxhole looking raggedy.
you represent me and us.

lately ive been having dry scalp.
every product i tried wasn’t working,
or would work for a little while and then stop.
i was talking to my health n beauty vixen about my hair woes.
i wanted the shiny hair like:


i’m always impressed with how put together he is.
well she suggested i try something.
it worked.
you know i had to relay the info…

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He Slapped And Pulled Me By My Hair Into The Hallway

i am so shaken up right.
i can’t even think straight.
i’m mad.
i’m sad.
i want to cry.
i want to beat this nigga’s ass.
i want to call the police.
i want to do nothing.
i’m confused…

i don’t even get it…

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