they suing kevin hart (cold blooded)

when it rains; it pours. if this is the case, kevin hart is in a hurricane. is he even out the hospital yet? so remember when he made that alleged sex tape? ( x see entry here ) well the she-jackal that co-starred with him is suing. you’ll never believe for how much via “usa … Continue reading “they suing kevin hart (cold blooded)”

they dragging kevin hart for lil nas x

kevin hart is in the hospital, suffering serious injuries, and still gotta worry about being dragged bald too.   so lil nas x was a featured guest on “the shop” on hbo. kevin was in the segment as well. from the above tweets, he’s getting dragged for this…

God must have been all over kevin hart during that accident

life has a way of humbling you. even the most humble get a reminder life can be “real real”. often times, we witness that life isn’t always fair. i know kevin hart has been problematic in his past but…

kevin hart will be waving a rainbow flag at the oscars (well, sorta…)

boy, do some of of ya’ll loathe kevin hart. one could say he deserved it. his reputation has been less than stellar due to his scandals. well for oscar weekend, this popped up right at the oscar’s door…

kevin hart sends comfort to jussie smollett

sometimes, it’s best to just stay out of certain things, especially when you’ve allegedly been against what the issue was. i mean… People can change their past problematic views right? it’s possible. i mean, the dragging kevin hart got last month should have helped. it might have helped him with his recent tweets about jussie … Continue reading “kevin hart sends comfort to jussie smollett”

the gays wants kevin hart as an ally (i’m good)

so i’m getting tired of this kevin hart situation. you would think he was running for president. so kevin apologized for his past homophobic tweets. according to him, it’s “again” he had to do it. the first couple apologies were missing so he did live from his show, “straight from the hart with kevin hart” … Continue reading “the gays wants kevin hart as an ally (i’m good)”