they suing kevin hart (cold blooded)

when it rains; it pours.
if this is the case,
kevin hart is in a hurricane.
is he even out the hospital yet?
so remember when he made that alleged sex tape?
( x see entry here )
well the she-jackal that co-starred with him is suing.
you’ll never believe for how much via “usa today“…

Kevin Hart faces a $60 million lawsuit after model and actress Montia Sabbag accused the comedian of negligence, infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy stemming from a 2017 incident, according to court documents obtained by USA TODAY.

In a new lawsuit filed Sept. 16, 2019, she accuses Jonathan Todd Jackson of secretly recording her “without her knowledge or consent, while she was engaged in private, consensual sexual relations with Hart,” according to the documents. Sabbag also is suing Hart, as well as hotel operators Marriott, Blackstone and the Cosmopolitan, for “negligently or intentionally” allowing Jackson access to his hotel room.

in my opinion,
i don’t think she is getting 60 million.
i’m sure they’ll reach an agreement and settle out of court.
quick question:

Why was Kevin allegedly recording that sex session anyway?

i’m shocked he didn’t pay her off to go away.
he seems to move with his “pride“.
that karma gonna keep on hitting him until he stops that.

folks gotta be careful recording their sexual acts without proper consent.
i see too many excited with their phones on socials,
but the other person doesn’t even know this is even going on.


at this point,
ask for a written statement before engaging.
folks will vocally agree to it…

…but as soon as it starts getting hot for them,
they suddenly have amnesia of agreeing to it.
that might be the alleged case with kevin.
unless you do a “no face; no case”,
i wouldn’t chance it.

lowkey: i wonder if eniko is embarrassed yet?

article cc: usa today

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “they suing kevin hart (cold blooded)”

  1. People still find this little troll funny? Though Is rather not see him suffering…I’d say the laws of cause and effect can either be swift or catch us when we least expect it.

  2. Kevin is done…. Probably blackballed. The powdered face elites must have pulled this sex tape and the women out the bag and using it against him.

  3. Well this is showbiz for you first his so called friend blackmail him for sex tape wink wink I wanted to see and now this you’ve got to watch whom you invite in your circle especially when your rich and a black man the knives come from every were and ge is funny

  4. Sorry her pussy I’m sure wasn’t worth a stack let a lone a lawsuit she new he was married just a thot

  5. Kevin is not a nobody. She knew what she was getting into. It was on every magazine when he got married. She probably had dude set it up. Kevin was blackmailed into keeping the tape from coming out so her lawsuit doesn’t hold on his end. Plus she suing the hotel, they don’t have anything to do with who is allowed access to rooms because they clearly tell you to only give your spare room key to people you trust and the hotel has no liability for who has it and the outcome. One why she wait so late to file. If she was that embarrassed she should have filed the lawsuit when it first came out. She only has a case against the person who recorded it. Kevin didn’t record it. Kevin already legally saved himself by filing a police report.

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