those sweet bunz ontop of that hot meat

so i know we wanted to try the popeye’s chicken sammich.
i know it’s gone missing until Lord knows when.
well kfc is allegedly trying to join in on the action.
they are allegedly testing out a chicken sammich we might like via “cnn“…

kentucky fried chicken & donuts

KFC announced it will be testing a new combination of fried chicken and glazed doughnuts beginning September 16 — a move that is either genius or insane.

Customers have two options: a chicken and doughnut basket meal for $5.49, which includes chicken tenders or bone-chicken plus a doughnut; or a chicken sandwich for $5.99, featuring a fried chicken patty between two doughnut buns — the much more exciting option.

And if you just want the doughnut? You can add one to any meal for a dollar.


that just screams “clogged arteries and a chance of diabetes“.
who is really gonna eat that?
then again…
and isn’t that another version of the “luther burger“?

…sans the bacon.
i can just imagine the type of monstrous shit this will produce.
i’ll pass,
but i’ll watch you eat it.

article cc: cnn

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “those sweet bunz ontop of that hot meat”

      1. My sister got me into it and said management changed, so hopefully this does well:

        “A complete re-imagining” of The Boondocks “for the modern era” is in development from original series creator Aaron McGruder, the studio announced Wednesday morning at the 2019 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.

        The reboot, a satire for the modern era, is said to chronicle the adventures of the Freeman family against the evil local government tyrant Uncle Ruckus, who rules the fictional Woodcrest County, Maryland with an iron fist.

  1. Man, the chicken sandwich thing is reinventing. I remembered loving KFC original drumstick and thigh that used to be soft and moist and now that thing is either burned or hard as a rock.

  2. Man, you don’t mix doughnuts with chicken. You use sourdough or honey whole wheat. Chile…let me start my own food chain. These folks really is trying to kill y’all.

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