bwok bwok, chicken head (kfc, please, whatever)

back in barbados,
i remember kfc being soooooooo good.
there was one down the street from our house.
every sunday,
my aunt would send over kfc for us to eat for dinner.
the chicken was GOOD and i loved eating the skin.

KFC’s chicken had the best skin in the business.

at times,
i preferred kfc over chefette even though i loved their rotis.
i came to america and kfc was cool but something changed.
they fucked up the original recipe and just like that…

Popeyes (and dare I say Kennedys) became the new chicken spot.

a patron was eating kfc the other day and look what she found

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those sweet bunz ontop of that hot meat

so i know we wanted to try the popeye’s chicken sammich.
i know it’s gone missing until Lord knows when.
well kfc is allegedly trying to join in on the action.
they are allegedly testing out a chicken sammich we might like via “cnn“…

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NYPD Shoot Dog Trying To Protect Owner: Wrong? (GRAPHIC)

so as everyone knows,
the nypd will shoot you for no reason.
that’s just how it goes in the concrete forest.

i saw a video on wshh just now that disturbed me.
i wanted some opinions.
a homeless man is having a seizure and his dog is trying to protect him.
judging from the video,
the dog is doing it’s job by staying by it’s owner’s side.
the police shoot the dog point blank range.

i started to wonder after watching it…

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Snowed In Thought.

Would would you say….
If I said I was thinking….

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