NYPD Shoot Dog Trying To Protect Owner: Wrong? (GRAPHIC)

so as everyone knows,
the nypd will shoot you for no reason.
that’s just how it goes in the concrete forest.

i saw a video on wshh just now that disturbed me.
i wanted some opinions.
a homeless man is having a seizure and his dog is trying to protect him.
judging from the video,
the dog is doing it’s job by staying by it’s owner’s side.
the police shoot the dog point blank range.

i started to wonder after watching it…

“Police opened fire on dog after it reacted angrily when officers approached homeless owner who appeared to be having a seizure. Star, the pit bull shot in the head by police in the East Village Monday, is now in critical but stable condition, animal control officials said. Animal Care & Control was caring for the wounded pit bull, but an agency spokesman refused Tuesday to further describe Star’s condition. Star and its owner, a homeless man named Lech Stankiewicz, were outside a KFC at 14th St. and Second Ave. about 4:15 p.m Monday when police arrived for what appeared to be a medical situation involving Stankiewicz.” – AsianTown


Should they have shot this man’s best friend?

10 thoughts on “NYPD Shoot Dog Trying To Protect Owner: Wrong? (GRAPHIC)

  1. How did I miss this. Nah just wont watch them gunning down the best animals to grace earth. Now if it were a cat…well then again cats are soulless and don’t give a fuck about people. In seriousness though, I LOVE dogs nothing like a dog as a pet. This is sad.

  2. That’s the last time I’ll ever step one foot in New York ! I think people there should think what these Police Officers did! Well ? They did wrong what next shoot those inasent People there or Jerry Sinefeld there next. You did wrong.

  3. Morning All. We need too have those New York Police Officers too have there Badges taking away from them there liceings too be removed from them! They did wrong there butchers they need too go too Jail for that!!! Very wrong she was staying by her owner side you did wrong you all should pay for your bad mistakes now.

  4. straight up i can’t blame the officers cause if that animal turned on them one of them could have been seriously hurt. I think people need to put them self into situations honestly and assess them properly cause most negros was killing that dog first bark.

  5. I canot believe US coops are not prepared to afford such problem, it is always easier to kill the one even if ‘he is in his own right ‘ to defend his owner ……..
    Very very sad ……….

  6. They shouldn’t have shot him, but maybe they did it for the man’s safety, I don’t know. I love animals, so it was a lil hurtful to watch them shoot the dog who was just trying to protect his owner. You give a policeman a gun and he’ll shot everything he sees as a threat. SMH

    1. ^on one side,
      they didn’t know that was the man’s dog.
      on another,
      dogs can sense when someone is scared or dangerous.
      as a homeless man who probably encounters ignorant police all the time,
      the dog sensed danger and wanted to protect him.

      video really bothered me as i am a huge lover of dogs.

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