your new man wants to try something new.
he been told you he was a freak and he says he is getting bored with the sex.

(whoa muthafucka its only been 2 weeks!)

…so he wants to do something freaky.
he wants to try a 4some.
but, not just any 4some.
he wants to fuck his boy that goes to the gym with him:

(his boy is the one on the left)

he picks someone for you already.
his other homeboy who goes with them to the gym.

(he hands you his cell…)

he just broke up with his hybrid and wants to let loose.
sounds like a smashin’ good time…?
he has to confirm with everyone for tonight.

(he needs your answer now...)


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY… (42)”

  1. *giggles* My answer is Hell Yea. Now a threesome is an issue for me because someone might be left out, but in a foursome I don’t have to worry about that. Let’s get some condoms and some drinks and lets get to it. LOL

  2. I’d like to think my recalling all of the horrendous stories I’ve heard of this exact situation blowing up in people’s faces.

    I’m in this weird space right now where sex ranks at the very bottom of what’s really important to me. If he’s setting up foursomes after two weeks sex is very important to him and we’re not a match.

    1. Bingo! After 2 weeks and you that bored. It also depends on what kind of friends these guys are…if they are just acquaintances than maybe but if they are his main boys then hell no. That would have me worried on if he’s cheating already

  3. 2 weeks? Sure, cuz everyone is hot. The relationship may not go anywhere tho…but we’ll have fun along the way lol

  4. “he picks someone for you already” I know dude, His name Frank..Based off his body on a drunk night I’m down.. BUT sober HELL NO.. dude soft as hell

    1. โ€œhe picks someone for you alreadyโ€ I know dude, His name Frank..Based off his body on a drunk night Iโ€™m down.. BUT sober HELL NO.. dude soft as hell

      ^^^^^^^ sober SOFT AS HELL NO !!!! FLATLINED

  5. Man I would jump on that but I will have to cuff one his boys on the side, if they look like the bulls featured in those pics for insurance purposes LOL!

  6. I’ll smash, but like DC said dude on the left look soft, so I would have to be feeling good off drinks and a pre session with my fox before he come over….dudes that have gym bodies then be the biggest bitch on the block is the biggest turn-off…..

  7. Ummm Jamari I am gonna need you to not use my boys picture lol! He’s a model so you should’ve used one of the professional shots

      1. Shit, Random isn’t fooling me. He’s all fox. Give me 5 minutes, some pop rocks, and some whipped cream and I’ll prove it. Lol

  8. Whatever you say Random. You’re a fox to me. I feel like I’m a little more aggressive than you.

    Oh sure you’d try to dominate, but your efforts would be in vain.

    I don’t care how big and tall you are either. I’m from Texas. I climb trees and chop them down and ride bulls for fun. Lol

    You’d be scrambling my eggs in the morning with your drawls on backwards and your thighs feeling like you’ve been on an elliptical for six hours all while smiling. LMAO!

      1. Lol I’ll literally put on a cowboy hat and get some rope and hog tie him up and spank him and make him say “I’m a dirty fox and I need to be punished!” LMAO

        I’d probably destroy the room, but that wouldn’t be the first time. Lol

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