I Wonder Who The Wolf Is?…

you ever saw 2 sexy dudes together and wondered who the wolf was?
maybe this one is too easy…

…the thoughts running through my mind.
shiiiiiiiit, it would be a top download on myvidster.

lowkey: is this steven’s brother?
his little friend is cute.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “I Wonder Who The Wolf Is?…”

  1. the one in the white tank was on jack’d for a hot second, but i know his pixsa re all over tumblr… whats his name

      1. so is he one of the kids? or was some one fronting with his pics on jackd and does he have an offical tumblr.

  2. I see they made an effort to provide enough space between the two of them so their picture wouldn’t appear indicate a homo vibe. LOL!

  3. With the facial hair, I didn’t even know that was Steven Beck on the right at first. I hope the one is the red beater is the fox because he’s so damn beautiful. My god he’s sexy. That shit don’t make sense. LOL

  4. I get the impression that they would service each other…in every aspect of the word. They are both fine as hell and I would love to be the silent camerman.

      1. he says the short one is his cousin LOL! Derek Tramel according to his twitter but I think his cousin deleted his account

      2. LMAO! I wonder, I like his “cough” cousin more….his swagger is overshadowing his. Twitter attention Fail on his part

    1. ^there is a side of me that would let him smash…
      but then i feel his head is on mars and i’m not trying to contribute in that.
      no doubt he is sex…

      thanks for the late night visuals tj.

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