Ocho Gets Fired, But Why They Have The Footage?

i know ev.
i know.

her soon to be ex hubby is having the week from hell.
this week also has produced some good rumors too.
let’s see what i have heard so far:

  • he cheated with some white chick
  • he has been beating evelyn’s ass for a while now, sans his friend
  • he has been begging evelyn to come back through tears, texts, and tweet dms

… but the one thing that kills me is they fired him on that documentary, hard knocks.
as much as he was the slave for the attention,
i don’t think he wanted them to show him at his lowest

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg-BV5e-GUc]

if that isn’t a blow to your ego,
i don’t know what else is.
he only follows 2 people on twitter.
evelyn was number 2.
i guess that is over.

lowkey: i hope people learned something from this.
so many life lessons in this whole situation.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Ocho Gets Fired, But Why They Have The Footage?”

  1. I wondered why they showed the video of that. Like I don’t get it. I guess they are trying to use him as an example.

    Why do I feel that Ev will be doing PSA on domestic violence in the near future? I just feel it coming.

      1. Watching Hard Knocks and listening to Steven A Smith perspective on this situation has change my opinion somewhat….I still don’t condone acts of violence against women but I can’t really feel sorry for her ass now. Then for her to have the nerve to speak publicly about it like she’s the ultimate victim knowing all the B.S. she’s done makes me cringe. I been it a situation where a girl tried to provoke me and sometimes women take advantage of their victim status. As much as they love to make the “we’re the weaker sex” argument, they will used that to their advantage the first chance they get. I can careless about either of them at this point, he wanted the attention and it backfire on his ass…..sometimes you need to know when to shut the fuck and have a seat. Looked at Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, hell even Desean Jackson know when to turn it down and play ball….and you will be rewarded for it, especially if you’re productive.

      2. I hope vh1 drop all these bum bitches no more wives period….that shit has run its course. Next they’re going to dedicate a whole season about her fixing her image for P.R. purposes and crying non stop about the divorce. Ugh! I still don’t think she deserve to be hit but the bitch pushing it. LOL!

  2. omg that is so mean o.o omg o.o she honestly going to let her man burn wow their is a gold digger love for ya. We are all waiting to see these wounds foxi. omg why those white men look so shady putting out his stuff wow. o.o disturbed here.Ev needs to watch La complex and see what a real abused fox does when their wolf goes crazy. smh

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