So They Essentially Used Michael Sam?

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 9.19.56 PMhave we forgotten about michael sam?
i haven’t forgotten about his bunz in trouser pants,
but it seems that the nfl used him.
i don’t think the following scandal will make you “gasp”,
but this is what the rams allegedly did to michael…
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Aaron Maybin Time May Have Ended, But A New Beginning Has Blossomed

tumblr_m50ngkpilD1qk5j8to1_1280all it takes is one person/situation to notice what you do,
and it could open up a door you never noticed before.
that is what has happened with nfl baller wolf,
and foxhole legend,
aaron maybin.
his football career may have come to an untimely end,
but his art career is about to take off.
god can have a weird way of showing you your destiny…

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Ocho Gets Fired, But Why They Have The Footage?

i know ev.
i know.

her soon to be ex hubby is having the week from hell.
this week also has produced some good rumors too.
let’s see what i have heard so far:

  • he cheated with some white chick
  • he has been beating evelyn’s ass for a while now, sans his friend
  • he has been begging evelyn to come back through tears, texts, and tweet dms

… but the one thing that kills me is they fired him on that documentary, hard knocks.
as much as he was the slave for the attention,
i don’t think he wanted them to show him at his lowest

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