Aaron Maybin Time May Have Ended, But A New Beginning Has Blossomed

tumblr_m50ngkpilD1qk5j8to1_1280all it takes is one person/situation to notice what you do,
and it could open up a door you never noticed before.
that is what has happened with nfl baller wolf,
and foxhole legend,
aaron maybin.
his football career may have come to an untimely end,
but his art career is about to take off.
god can have a weird way of showing you your destiny…

maybinAaron Maybin‘s career took a surprising turn for the better last night — ’cause after the linebacker was 86’d from the Cincinnati Bengals on “Hard Knocks,” demand for his artwork went through the roof … TMZ has learned.

Maybin’s demise from the team was chronicled on the HBO docu-series last night — along with his passion for painting. Cameras rolled as he worked on two pieces … and his stuff was actually pretty good.

In fact, after the show … Maybin tells TMZ his online gallery had “one of, if not THE biggest nights” of sales he’s ever seen.

AM says he was bummed out that his release from the team was televised — telling us, “I turned my phone off last night, I just didn’t want to talk to anyone.” But when he turned it back on, Aaron says he was bombarded with messages from people asking how to get their hands on his artwork.

Maybin says he’s feeling much better about his future today — saying, “Regardless of whatever happens football-wise, I’m probably gonna make more money in my art career.”

Dude could have a point — we’re told some of Aaron’s pieces have sold for up to $20,000.

well at least he had a plan b.
some baller wolves only know football.
he also seems happier when he paints.
that seems to be his true passion.
i wish him well.
he provided a lot of great meaty entries for my blogging career start.

hey you.
you reading.
yeah i’m talkin to you.
want to know what your passion is?

what makes you light up?
what do you go to sleep and wake up thinking about?
what would you like to do that you know you could do forever and never complain?
even if you had to do it for free for a few years?
that is your passion.
figure out how to start it and inspire me.
i’m waiting to hear your story.

article and picture source: tmz
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6 thoughts on “Aaron Maybin Time May Have Ended, But A New Beginning Has Blossomed

  1. Great Artist and he is damn sexy with it. These guys regardless of whom they connect with need to look at who is in their inner circle. When you have a person with a negative spirit and do not want the individual to succeed can cause that persons spirit to become tainted and will cause that person to lose interest or focus on their goals. Remember anyone who talks negative towards what you have plans to do need to be dropped or kicked to the curve.

  2. I saw that episode last night. I was hurt cause he is so damn sexy but this is football and he wasn’t producing. Atleast he has a art carrer in his future dude is really talented. He is a artist so I know there’s some tea there somewhere

  3. Good to see he has another talent. It would be nice if he could get he could get signed again, so then he could do both his artwork and play football.

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