f0xmail: No Fats, No Fems, No Chubbs, So No Love?

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Greetings Jamari:

I thought this would be a very juicy topic to air on your blog and display to your audience. I noticed that jacob kohinoor show was highlighted, so i thought this would be something to capture your audience attention.. please feel free to express your thoughts in anyway…

Title: SECRETLY… You Are A Bitch…



tumblr_mrufidUeAn1r96op2o1_500so you meet him.
he is fine as hell.
your fantasy?
so you are expecting this mofo to bang your back out of alignment.
well guess what?
he is a fox in wolf’s clothing.
maybe even a jackal or hyena in a meaty disguise.
i guess you guys will about gym memberships and clothes instead…

when i got into the whole online hook up/dating thing,
i use to go and hit up profiles with the:

no fats.
no fems.
no chubbs.
no queens.

i’m not that so i figured why not?
well more than likely,
they would not respond to me.
the one time i got lucky and was communicating with one of them,
we were suppose to just fuck.
i was horny and just wanted some of that “thug dick”.
even his voice matched the thugaliciousness.
well that’s what his image was.
i met him in sweats,
white t,
and jordans.
he showed up with his long hair in a pony tail,
a tight jean jacket,
even tighter jeans,
and bangles.

no fucking that night.
now that i know better,
and this site has helped open my eyes,
the ones i met who were “my type” never had a ton of pictures.
matta a fact,
some i never saw what they looked like until we met.
i was never disappointed.
they just had a simple profile.
1 or 2 private pictures.
i learned anyone with a carrousel of meat shots,
a ton of friends,
and a long ass essay of a profile always shot up my bs meter.

tumblr_mckqdkSmiI1ql9rg7o1_250here is the thing….
messy feminine dudes have discovered working out and tattoos.
so what they do?
become gym rats and male “rihannas” in hopes of meeting that kind of man.
the issue is that the lifestyle use to bash those same feminine men.
so what they did?
become something that would avoid the “stereotype”.
become what they think will attract men.
go online,
make twiitter accounts,
and write fan erotic fiction for thirsty bottoms.
make instagram pages,
smoke weed,
and look like a baller wolf.
don’t even start me on this working out craze.
the game has changed.
people have now started bashing masculine men.
we now start bashing his motives on his masculinity.
we compare notes and who bent him over.
vixens are now joining in and giving an opinion.
outing someone is the new gay.
masculine is not really masculine anymore.
why do think some true wolves fuck another wolf?
they can smell the artificial sweetener on him.

tumblr_lz9amyNeh31qddelko1_400a real wolf who knows who he 200% ain’t bending,
or splitting no matter how fat his ass,
or no matter how aggressive another wolf is.

his safety seal will not get broke.
so when you see everyone trying to act “straight” or “thug”,
they are doing it because we did this.
we created these fame monsters.
so its “in” to have fake man swagg,
look like a “rapper”,
and be in the gym all day.
its in to be an attention whore on instagram.
its in to be the mean boy with the attitude.
its called “fitting in” and they trying to get it when they can.
so why get mad when this supposed masculine person really craves to get bent over?


tumblr_mns5b8y8Qe1qi857wo1_500where the REAL d/l wolves come in is that they,
more often than not,
embody what we are really looking for.
naturally masculine wolves.
what i’m attracted too.
they aren’t acting.
that’s just who they are.
sadly they live in an insecure bubble and are terrified if it gets popped.
they use the accessory of a vixen or homophobia to draw attention away.
so personally i look up and respect my DISCREETS who ain’t about the extra.
they aren’t about the drama,
the cliques,
and the bullshit.
they keep to themselves and aren’t messy.
we are quick to tell you our role and keep it moving.
i appreciate and highly attracted to those types.
just like myself.

“real g’s move in silence like lasagna” – lil wayne

these other niggas out here are all confused.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “f0xmail: No Fats, No Fems, No Chubbs, So No Love?”

  1. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me lol. Great looking fox in wolves’ clothing hitting me up and then putting their asses in the air when it was time to get it. If you wanted penetration, why didn’t you just say that instead of lying and saying you want to penetrate. Huge waste of time. The real wolves are the ones with pictures of their dogs and other unnecessary shit or just a simple picture of themselves, no practiced poses, no instagram filters and not really any mirror shots lol.

    I do feel bad for the fox that feel they have to lie though. It must be tedious having to think of ways to look “masculine” & put on a front just to get some.

    1. LOL the fox need a guide!
      Quick question: would you let a “feminine” wolf (who is fully aware that he is a wolf and does not want anything in his foxhole) enter your foxhole?

      1. From the tangy voice to constantly yelping “yaaas” and other gay lingo to dying/bleaching patches of their hair, etc

  2. i couldn’t get through that video. dude was so extra and those janet jackson braids was killin me. naw but the problem is bottoms don’t pay attention. i have smashed all those types because they are easy to spot. getting them open and banging the life out them use to be a game to me. they would see me and I could have fucked them in public if i wanted too. im one of the last of the true tops who isnt about the bs. I spend more time in the straight world and tbh they all wack and messy queens anyway.

  3. I seriously think if someone had the right game they could bend George Hill, Suraqah, Dwayne, and all the muscle boys every bottom wants to fck. They thrive off attention and it would be nothing to gas them up for the draws.

    1. ^im starting to think so myself.
      they don’t come off approachable.
      they are like a fantasy.
      look but don’t touch magazine clippings almost.
      i wouldn’t turn them down if they were wolves,
      but they are too mixxy for my taste.

    2. Ah man, I know Suraqah is straight, but that dude does something to me and the way he cares for his son makes me even more attracted to him. He’s a good father and comes off as if he would be a good man to be with too. No matter how much game you got, getting dudes like them to bottom would be a challenge and ain’t nobody got time for that.

  4. You are right. We in this lifestyle created these monsters so now we can’t he mad when they are walking around fooling people sigh

  5. Well speaking from some experience I have to say Americans as an whole are the shadiest and stuck up people I have ever seen. When I was living in Brasil during my studies I had a wonderful gay experience down there. Nobody were stuck with the color issue, there were some but not as much, and mas/fem problem. Brazilian men are very masculine and so comfortable with themselves of who they sleep with regardless what the person is. It was more easy to wear a sunga(speedo) then here in the states because people here would rude comment instead enjoying life, but there were some pressure of having a nice body because in farme beach in Rio there are sooo much hot men with gorgeous bodies.

    This is why I prefer Latin men because we have this machismo culture that define masculine men which is good for the gay community, but bad for the str8 for certain reasons.

      1. Yea and I don’t understand why they take a pebble of shit and change it into diarrhea. Even thought I am American myself but I find it so hard to make friends from the States, vice verse it easy for me to make friends from different countries.

  6. 12:13-12:20 made my jaw drop. “Non douching type of bottom” Ewwww. WTF? Where the hell do they do that at?

    Well first of all, if dudes will stop getting blinded by the large muscles and what a dude wears they wouldn’t have a problem. I’m not gonna lie I dress a certain way and go for a look, but I’m legit, that’s the difference. A real gay thug or a real hard gay dude doesn’t really exist, if so they are hard to find. Now some of those dudes on instagram and the gym rats are legit. Wolves who want masculine men go through the same shit too. Get dude to the bed and he bitches out on you lol. I’ve met a few dudes who were fem on the low, and you can tell.

  7. this sounds to me like people not asking questions, assuming someone is a top by the way they look/dress, and falling for the okey doke. can we talk about the same queens who judge everyone, talk shit about everything, and just looking to complain because no one wants to put up with their bullshit? they’re always down for a man bashing partay, but don’t realize people are sick of their messy shit. this even goes for the messy masc that are poppin up now. gay people in general cause our own issues and then wonder why people don’t want to be bothered with us.

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