Yung Trizzy Trill Bends Over Backwards (Literally?)

JCpDTOB0well there is a couple twists in this “yung trizzy trill/raging jackal” scandal.
so remember how it was just him getting dome?
also remember how people came in the foxhole to defend him?
remember someone said the jackal got mad because they didn’t do anything?
well the kind folks of twitter linked me to this picture this morning.
its a screen shot from the rest of the video and welllllllll….
(this picture is DEF NSFW,
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f0xmail: No Fats, No Fems, No Chubbs, So No Love?

tumblr_l536xuTOoE1qzqhaso1_500FOX MAIL

Greetings Jamari:

I thought this would be a very juicy topic to air on your blog and display to your audience. I noticed that jacob kohinoor show was highlighted, so i thought this would be something to capture your audience attention.. please feel free to express your thoughts in anyway…

Title: SECRETLY… You Are A Bitch…


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