Kanye West Balls Were Being Squeezed On The Kris Jenner Show

1361549896_tumblr_majvhsIQrn1r46hzdo1_500i love kanye west.
i love him.
i do.
he’s going to appear on the kris jenner showfinale this friday and something is different.
is it just me or does his voice sound…


x no seriously tho

has the old kanye left the building?
has he now become a kardashian sister?
i know he always spoken proper,
but he sounds really…… off.
is it just me?

lowkey: he looks like he doesn’t even want to sit next to her ass.

10 thoughts on “Kanye West Balls Were Being Squeezed On The Kris Jenner Show

  1. Wow that was uncomfortable to watch but maybe he really does love her.And I feel bad saying this cause I know his jaw got broke in an accident but it looks like he has too many teeth in his mouth.Like there is no more room in there.

    1. lol…You’re forgetting that Yeezy is a multi-millionaire!! lol If has issues with his teeth and mouth, what makes you think that he is unable to get them fixed tomorrow??? Celebs get plastic surgery all the time for things as little as an extra freckle on their face so if his teeth are that bad he could most likely get doctor Kevorkian to fix them in the next hour or so if he wanted to. haha..:p

    1. Is he? It looks like he’s wearing Ben Nye highlighter underneath his eyes. It could just be me, however. :/

  2. I knew I wasn’t the only one that noticed that. he sounds really weird. And he didn’t even look at her while answering the questions lol what’s goin on Ye?

      1. *shrug* I hope whatever it is, i hope he gets it together
        It’s depressing looking at him nowadays

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