another one bites the dust (job)

 another person quit today.
another amazing and talented person.
i felt sad because i’ve only known them a few weeks,
but they were so fuckin’ dope.
so i’ve only been there a few months,
but it’s a legit revolving door

they all have the same complaint when they leave.
i don’t know why most companies don’t appreciate their talent.
you find a great job,
but of course,
something (or someone) fucks it all up.
there is so much talent in my job,
including myself,
and 98% of us are so unhappy.
i see why folks just go to work and that’s it these days.
for many of us,
work is just a place we go to maintain our lifestyles.

pay bills
go out
eat out
various luxuries
maintain addictions

we spend 8+ hours at these jobs and most of us are not happy.
it’s like finding a unicorn when you find a good job,
great people,
and management is cohesive.

i don’t think i’ll be ever truly be happy until i’m doing me solo.
i’m not gonna to quit,
but i can’t font that my job will drive you to go in that direction.
i’m at a place where i can network heavy,
but i’m making sure i don’t get too attached.

I can’t when the folks i really like are jumping ship.

lowkey: on the positive,
i really like my co workers.
a lot.

i enjoy seeing all of them every day.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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