they dragging kevin hart for lil nas x

kevin hart is in the hospital,
suffering serious injuries,
and still gotta worry about being dragged bald too.


so lil nas x was a featured guest on “the shop” on hbo.
kevin was in the segment as well.
from the above tweets,
he’s getting dragged for this

“he’s gay!
so what?”

kevin hart is never going to live this down:

i know folks can grow,
and we need to allow people to mess up,
but it’s really “off” coming from kevin.
he doesn’t always come off genuine to me.
it’s almost like he tries to do this shit like he wants to prove something to the public.

I have no issue with the gay community!
I was close to one and I didn’t care!”

i could be wrong tho.
from what i saw in that clip,
lil nas x handled that situation really well tho.
i’m impressed.
he is really likeable so i see him here for a while.
as far as kevin hart…

i feel like the powers that be are waiting patiently to get him up outta here.
black twitter is even investigating the details of this car accident too.
it’s all a mess.

lowkey: i wonder if kevin is cool with his male friends who did the casting couch?
or is that okay because money/career advancement is involved?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “they dragging kevin hart for lil nas x”

  1. You know the little gnats that just buzz around you, irritating you, that’s what Kevin Hart is becoming. Black comedians have always had a “shelf life” there are never two at a time that are hot. Kevin feels his appeal slipping away and is trying to drum up whatever nonsense to stay relevant but again, these are just my opinions.

  2. Chile, something stinks in like hell in the Kitchen!! I smell some ole cooked up hoodoo pie going on with that Hart camp… 👀👀👀

  3. It would of been better if they had an older black gay man in there with Lil Nas X. Someone who could’ve really went toe to toe with Kev and the other homophobes. Nas handled himself better me tho, I would’ve gotten fustrated. Also I am kind of over gays having to explain themselves to the straights, only for them to turn around and show us they don’t really give a fuck. Like if you aint one for the gay shit then that’s okay. You go yo way and I’ll go mine.

  4. What kills me is if Lil Nas X would have never had came out but photographed with a constant man by his side and not a woman? It would been like he is gay and what not do kill me on why did he not come out! I hate the media sometimes and Kevin Hart funny looking ass should have did like New York told Pumpkin you should have sat the fuck over there and shut your mouth!

  5. Ppl are reading way too much into the Kevin Hart & Nas X interview. Many of us in the gay community are hyper sensitive & often play on White gays terms.

  6. Kevin Hart is a little troll!! Now they’re saying that he was pulled out of the driver’s side of the car that his friend was supposedly driving. Karma is a bitch Kevin and I think he’s come to collect.

    1. Kevin Hart is a homophobe and tried to gaslight Lil Nas X for coming out, saying what’s the big deal, like he (Kevin) didn’t know why it was a big or or anything about homophobia even though his vile@ss had said he would prevent his son from being gay and then said he would break a doll house over his son’s head if he caught him playing with. He’s made other gay jokes as well

      That unfunny little creature got his comeuppance with his stunt on Mulholland Drive. The Lord wasn’t ready to take him yet but he don’t like evil.

  7. It’s stuff like this that makes the LGBT+ community look like a bunch of sensitive snowflakes… Let’s be honest, how Hart responded was the typical and predictable response of a black straight men. Not saying it’s right, per se, but nothing to get outraged by. Honestly, this was an opportune moment for a more articulate black gay man to have educated other straight black men watching on why coming out as gay was significant…even if it was just for Lil Nas X. Nas X’s response is kind of why I’m hoping he doesn’t cave into the pressure of being some “gay role model” or advocate of the community. He’s simply not ready…yet.

    1. Just like its not black peoples responsibility to educate white people on our issues, it is not the black gay communities job to educate ignorant cis black men. Lil Nas X was in a room trying to explain his position, explaining homophobia, surrounded by black men 20 YEARS older than him, gaslighting him as if black teens arent thrown out of their homes and disowned daily. Like trans women aren’t being murdered like its a sport. Like being black and gay still won’t get you hurt or killed in your OWN community. You’re right Kevn’s response was typical and THAT is the problem.

      1. It may not be our responsibility to “educate the oppressor,” but it is our responsibility to defend ourselves and take responses like Hart’s and exposes them for what they are: ignorant and poor attempts at belittling our experiences. As others have stated, Nas X handled the situation well for his age. Yet, the fact remains, had an older, more seasoned black gay man…say a Karamo Brown…been in the room and Hart made that comment we would’ve gotten a more articulate response/clapback.

  8. But y’all was just chucking, jiving, praying to all the Gods, speaking in tongues hoping Kevin was okay in that lil car accident, now y’all want to drag him to hell..

  9. Oh my… Interesting. Looks like I’ll have to hit my Twitter for a minute. Also, someone posted a really good post in here about homophobic Blacks… That is a golden post. I like the spunk in that post & the activist in me is ignited.

  10. I have read comments from people who watched the entire episode and the all say Kevin was probably the most supportive person in the room.One guy said Kevin was pressing Nas X to give a clearer understanding of what it’s(homophobia) like in the hood to to give the wider audience a better understanding of why it’s even more difficult to come out for black men.Another guy said Kevin told him to continue living his truth and other positive stuff.One person said Kevin mention that he would be probably be edited to look like the bad guy or something like that and that’s what that did to get more viewers, controversy sells.

    1. I saw Kevin in the same light. Just pushing him to be more clear. I was taught you talk to the audience like they don’t know anything about your situation and this is the first time hearing your story. Praying for a speedy recovery and praying for Lil Nas X to continue to grow in his success. Love his spirit.

    2. I think to many people, the support he shows comes off insincere, even feigned. I get what he was trying to do, but the reality is Kevin’s history precedes him. He fumbled the response to the Oscar situation, he never really apologized, decided not to do the show in protest bc he refused to apologize in the moment, and even told Don Lemon he’s not interested in being an ally. Its hard for some of us to reconcile Kevin’s past, while now he presents as this philosophical, positive, supportive person. Like..How? Sure, maybe he’s changed, learned a few things, educated himself….but it was the elephant in the room. He would have been more successful presenting himself that way had he taken an opportunity to convey how he’s grown since then, what he’s learned, and how it applies to Lil Nas.

      Otherwise, to us….all we see is a man who pissed off the LGBT community in the past, and never made up with them…..and now SUDDENLY he’s this LGBT soothsayer. It’s gaslighting.

      1. Here is the thing. Would the LGBTQ community be using the same argument if Kevin said nothing at all and just sat there. The little guy can’t win in this situation.

        1. If he can’t win he should have declined participation on the show. He knew the topic was going to come up. He knows he has unresolved issues with the community. I agree the response would have been just as bad if he remained silent. Gaslighting us shouldn’t have been the alternative He asked that boy why he grew up fearing homosexuality, as if his past jokes/comments didn’t directly contribute to the homophobia Lil Nas feared. There was no self awareness on his part and it was baffling.

    3. Hmmm…interesting I had not thought of this, but this very well could be the case. Unfortunately, I don’t have HBO (I don’t watch TV anymore) to watch the whole situation unfold in context. If this was a stunt by the editors of the show to get views then it worked.

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