so let’s talk about my favs in the “2019 espn body issue”

i always knew chris paul was packing major tail.
it’s even more amazing in person.

i continue to love your work God.
so i have been waiting patiently for this day.
when ya’ll blew up my spot about the “2019 espn body issue” being released,
and i saw some of the images,
all i could do was let out a slight whimper.
i didn’t dare watch the videos because i’d spontaneously combust in my office.
so i ran home and examined all the images and videos.
these are my personal favs

Chris Paul, Oklahoma City Thunder

my nba baller wolf crush has the best tail in the nba.

Evander Kane, San Jose Sharks


it makes no GATDAMN sense.

Michael Thomas, New Orlean Saints

Myles Garrett, Cleveland Browns

Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers 

i love,
LOVE the “athlete” bawdy.
it continues to always drive me absolutely crazy.
the foxhole was built on my love/lust for baller wolves.
i’m currently trying to get my entire life together after seeing those pictures.
what a great end to this hump day.
you can get the “2019 espn body issue” when it hit stands on friday.

pictures cc: espn

8 thoughts on “so let’s talk about my favs in the “2019 espn body issue”

  1. Evander is easily the best one to me…Look at that man butt and those chisled thighs…Let me gon’ head & start looking at hockey…when I’m just really looking for some cockey..

    Oh and yes!!! Go New Orleans!!

    1. Periodt. Chris Paul is definitely easy on the eyes too.

      The last one body reminds me of my ex. Tall with a tight booty lol

  2. God is GOOD!!! Seeing Chris’ assets has made my month. The other guys are very nice as well. There’s nothing better than a black man’s body.

  3. I want to jump on Chris Paul’s ass so damn bad..DAMN what a fat piece of ass on that boy
    bury my damn face deep in that hole

    Believe it or not Evander RACE is still an issue…yup just look around. Ain’t nothing changed

    I could sit on Michael Thomas face any damn day

    Myles..just pure unadulterated capitol MAN…DAMN…..woof..thank you Mama for telling sweet boy to get naked,,,,

    Seriously though only America is caught up with its fake morality. The Australian football Body issue is more erotic and has no problem revealing DICK not hard dick just placid lovely beautiful dick……but I guess the fake ass American have to hide behinds Gods back in the name of morals..Fake morals.

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