so let’s talk about my favs in the “2019 espn body issue”

i always knew chris paul was packing major tail.
it’s even more amazing in person.

i continue to love your work God.
so i have been waiting patiently for this day.
when ya’ll blew up my spot about the “2019 espn body issue” being released,
and i saw some of the images,
all i could do was let out a slight whimper.
i didn’t dare watch the videos because i’d spontaneously combust in my office.
so i ran home and examined all the images and videos.
these are my personal favs

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Baller Wolves Cry Too

i like my baller wolves to have some kind of emotion.
i can’t have some hardened piece of meat with no soul.
that is why i love this video from ^that baller wolf.
they asked michael thomas,
who plays for the dolphins,
his thoughts of trump in the locker room on sunday.
this is what he said
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