drake is the top of the top

i love “tongue in cheek” shit like the following.
so drake is on a roll putting out great content outside of music.
i love him for “euphoria” on hbo.
well he is producing a new show called “top boy” on netflix.
this is the trailer:


it looks interesting.
well a foxholer sent me what he posted on his ig and…

…”top a top”,
i know its pretty harmless and derives from this:

“Top ah top”, or “topper top” as Spyro spelt it on the release, is Jamaican patois essentially labeling something as the best of the best; the top of the top.” – courtesy of ( x genius lyrics )

but a fox can fantasize,

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “drake is the top of the top”

  1. YAWN…the same fuckery .Watching This clip I have seen the entire movie.
    WHY oh WHY or WHEN oh WHEN are we as a race going to rid ourselves of that stereotype?
    Evey damn time there is a black movie, save Black Panther and a FEW others, its about
    etc, etc, etc…
    WHY CANT WE STAND UP and make our race GREAT AGAIN????
    Where are our geniuses? Where are the heroes? Why didnt Drake think of doing a movie on Black heroes except he produced a film about you guessed it…DRUGS11 Well Kiss my ass but what else is new here?
    Tired of seeing the same fuckery , no wonder we are where we are! No wonder our entertainers glorify this shit in their music, demean each other calling themselves NIGGAS, disrespecting the females in our community, all because you have Niggas like Drake with their money hell bent on reminding us that we are no better than being a scum bag drug dealer!!

    FUCKERY with a capital F…… Long Live Wakanda ..!

    1. ^High key feeling this comment. # co-sign. Didn’t even watch the trailer but have a feeling it’s going to be a knock off “Power”. We’ve DONE THIS ALREADY PEOPLE!

      eh what the heck, it’s a losing battle anyway.

  2. That’s the same show from the BBC series. I think it was back in 2011. It was pretty good show. Ironically, the same actors who played Top Boy are also playing in new BBC show called BulletProof. It’s like their version of Bad Boys…

  3. Those Scorpion men are a different kind of animal. Real fun to play with, but dangerous as an enemy. Love me some Drake. Looks like a nice series.

  4. I love Drake for following through to get this series back. I love the 1st season and I remember that he was working with someone to get it continued. Plus, this new shit looks more fire than the previous season(s).

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