God must have been all over kevin hart during that accident

life has a way of humbling you.
even the most humble get a reminder life can be “real real”.
often times,
we witness that life isn’t always fair.
i know kevin hart has been problematic in his past but…

…but i wouldn’t wish ^this on any enemy.
he had serious injuries due to that accident.
they are saying he is going to recover without ( x any major damages ),
but cheating death can fuck you mentally.
kevin seems like the type that likes to work,
but loves to show off the fruits of his labor.
if that accident caused him more physical damage,
you can best believe that he wouldn’t be the same.
shit like this can really put life into perspective.
i wish everyone involved in that accident a speedy recovery.

pictures cc: tmz

11 thoughts on “God must have been all over kevin hart during that accident

  1. Show biz can be a low down no filter spot light someone is an accident and instead of prayer and uplift folks quickly start judging I don’t get it kev has had a hell of a year and really deserves some space

  2. I hope his little short homophobic ass is unable to walk or tell another bad joke for years to come. Tracy Morgan’s anti gay ass also got messed up pretty bad when that 18 wheeler slammed into his Mercedes Sprinter van but unfortunately“god” give him back to us. I hope “god” takes his time with Kevin. YES I SAID IT!

    ** oh and before any pearl clutching save-a-homophobe gays come marching their ass on my reply button allow me to not give a panini fuck in advanced **

    Great day 😗

  3. That car was tore up! I am just happy no one lost their life. I think they were driving one of those death trap Camaro cars. I DESPISE those damn cars! Everytime i see one I shudder.

  4. His friend Jared Black was driving his car.Jared’s fiancée Rebecca was in the backseat.She is a celebrity physical trainer.I read she trains Eniko,Kevin’s wife.TMZ posted pics of the couple.

  5. So apparently he was in the car with a woman who wasn’t his wife, he left her entrapped in the car & managed to get home 🤔

      1. They later said it was the drivers girlfriend..but it does seem odd that he left the scene before the ambulance came

    1. Let’s not assume things here. There were three people in the car. Kevin was in the passenger seat and was the only one able to get out the car. The other’s were trapped. He lives off Mulholland Dr., made it home and then called for help. Having driven Mulhalland Dr. before I can tell it’s no joke even in the daytime. But let’s not start making assumptions without knowing the full story…

      1. Learn wtf an assumption is boo! I got it from a blog site, gossip…maybe, but not an assumption, cause if true it wouldn’t be surprising given his past & I really could care less cause I’m not one of these weak gays who even pretend to care for or give a fuck about someone who has derogatorily degraded my community.
        Whew let me turn these email notifications off cause I’m On GO!!

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