kevin hart will be waving a rainbow flag at the oscars (well, sorta…)

do some of of ya’ll loathe kevin hart.
one could say he deserved it.
his reputation has been less than stellar due to his scandals.
well for oscar weekend,
this popped up right at the oscar’s door…

Kevin Hart won’t be hosting the Oscars, but he will be outside the venue in the form of a statue waving the rainbow flag.

Los Angeles-based street artist Plastic Jesus made a replica of The Upside star and placed it near the Dolby Theatre, where the Oscars will take place Sunday.

The Hart-themed sculpture is designed to look like an Oscar statue, and shows the comedian wearing a gold suit and holding the gay pride flag. The words “Hollow Apology” are written across the base of the statue.

i don’t know what’s more insulting.
the fact they called him on his shit

Or how hideous that statue looks!

i’m in full cringe just looking at it. 

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “kevin hart will be waving a rainbow flag at the oscars (well, sorta…)”

  1. im in bed DYING

    they hella OP for that statue. welp, the height is right.

    *looks again* why y’all give that man flooding pants 🗣️😂

  2. This totally has white gays written all over it! I also find Kevin arrogant, obnoxious, & unfunny so I’m living for this ugly ass statute

    1. 100% White gays LMAO! They go hard when homophobia is brought to their doorstep because thats the only setback they have in life in terms of their identity. Black gays have to deal with also being black so we have more than one struggle. I’m not mad at this though! F*ck Kevin! *shrugs*

  3. I didn’t see him at Madame Tussaud’s. I’d love to see if that one looks accurate. I never noticed how pretty his eyes were.

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