jussie smollett was set up

i asked the foxhole in my ig stories yesterday:

Would you forgive Jussie Smollett?

i got many answers saying they would.
as for me,
the jury is still out.
as you know from the latest developments,
it doesn’t look too good for jussie at the moment.
the conspiracy theorists,
even on the foxhole,
are flying with various ways to prove he’s innocent.
i have been thinking about the whole story since last night.
i’ve been on some light sniffing around to answer my own questions.
let me take you into where my mind is with this situation…

…and this is just my opinion that i need to make sense.
maybe the foxhole can.


the first question i asked myself:

What does the CPD gain by setting up Jussie?

a heading in the news?
wouldn’t that put them into the fire?
it isn’t like they are doing wonders in that city for black folks.
it would be a huge disservice if they were found out to be corrupt.
wouldn’t it be better if they were allegedly working with jussie?
they’d get the benefit and praise of being competent force.
they’d solve the biggest scandal of hate and racism for 2019.
that would boost the city of chicago tbh.

let’s look at jussie now.
jussie is a c to b list actor on a fox show.
he isn’t the lead star and doesn’t have a big name besides his family,
whom moreso is because his sister is the bigger ticket.
his records aren’t burning up the charts.
he has nothing on his “imdb” coming up for movies o tv shows.
( x see his imdb here )
so he would have more to gain off of an hate attack,
especially being openly black and gay.

book deals
major sympathy points
running in political circles

he’d make more money than the star players on “empire”.
he could leave the show and get on the “a” list.

so with that being fonted,
they’re saying he was “set up”:

So who set up Jussie?

let’s bring in the mandingo warrior wolves.
it’s not like they would become stars off of this.
judging from their ig,
they actually want the spotlight.
wouldn’t it be smarter to set up a lee daniels?

if they were gonna do “set up”,
wouldn’t it be blackmail?

they were in alleged costume and no one even knew it was them.
abel and ola never played the alleged “victims” in the story.
they got caught up into it because it was all so sloppy.
they allegedly got paid and would further stay in irrelevancy.

so if we want to go further,
we can bring in the alleged “kamala harris” angle.
so now we’re adding another investigation with a set up.
if she was to be involved:

What would she gain?

was he running as her vp?
so if we’re gonna say this is the case,
this still would lead back to him because this brings him status.
she wouldn’t benefit from it because he isn’t working on her campaign.
judging from the past pictures i’ve seen,
he was just supporting her presidental run.

so let’s bring it all back to the beginning.

What would be the point of setting Jussie up?
What would be the benefit?

…because there needs to be a benefit to someone(s) to push this conspiracy.
jussie has more to gain than anyone else in this alleged story.
that’s what’s going through my head when i try to make sense of it.
 75% of america seems to have the same questions.
if jussie is indeed innocent,
he needs to burn the entire city of chicago down.
he needs to take no prisoners as he gets his vengence.
he’s going to have a hard time because he has created so much doubt.
when i look back to how this story started,
he created the narrative for us to follow.
he gave the account of what happened.
it’s up to him to lead us to his innocence.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “jussie smollett was set up”

  1. im so over this shit. now jussie has a untreated drug problem? smh. when we get a final yay or nay, ill check back in with this story.

    1. A black man lying on white men and MAGA!? I guarantee you’ll be seeing his pretty mug every time you scroll for at least two years.

  2. I find it all very fascinating and an interesting distraction, I can’t wait for the trial to start. As of right now Jussie is still maintaining his innocence and now it is my understanding that he has Mark Geragos as his attorney, you have people like Sonny Hostin on the view talking about the Chicago Police departments horrible record according to recent reports, you have the alleged motive which to me still makes no sense; I still want to see how the math in this scenario was supposed to play out. TMZ is just now reporting that Jussie didn’t pay the Nigerian brothers $3,500 for the scheme and in fact it was for personal training and a 5-week nutrition plan. Get people in court put them under oath and let’s see where the chips fall. For me at this particular point I think the CPD (Chicago Police Department) is putting out all of this information because they don’t really have a solid case and want to force a confession out of Jussie which they don’t seem to be getting.

    Not necessarily supporting Jussie but just out of curiosity if it is proven in court that Jussie didn’t lie about the assault, will anybody feel sorry for him, will anyone publicly apologize to him or will everyone just move on as if nothing happened. If Jussie decides to sue how much should it be for because no matter how this plays out even if it’s in his favor

  3. Is it possible that he might have been telling the truth?, Like the two brothers who was also Jussie trainer, might’ve of thought they will get a come up if they rob Jussie, maybe he was walking to get something to eat and the brothers just happened to see him, on their way to rob his home

    1. ^that motive doesn’t make any sense because jussie likes in a luxury apartment complex.

      how did they know jussie was going to get a sandwich at 2am?

      jussie never mentioned that on his ig stories that night.
      it was videos of him waiting to get on a plane.

      if they was gonna rob his crib,
      they wouldn’t have left that jail and jussie would have used that as his defense.
      there are also alleged texts and calls to one of the mandingo warrior wolves before and after the incident.

      1. The motive that he was meeting they set him up as he was meeting them for drugs does sound true though. They could have called him down to get drugs and then he shows up and it’s two strangers beating him up. Now Jussie calls his people and they say hey let’s use this as a campaign against trump.iono maybe I’m reaching lol. But the brothers did lie about the money being used for the attack so maybe Jussie is telling some truth?

        Think about it; if they weren’t getting paid for the attack then they did it for free?

  4. I can’t speak on Jussie’s motives because I still don’t think we’ve gotten a single solid explanation. The salary story came from the brothers and couldn’t be corroborated last I read. The issue is his lying and toying with a sore issue though.

    It’s simple for Chicago. Jussie came for their department and even involved politics so they did what they had to do. CPD drew out an investigation and got up to 20 detectives to accrue cost and attention. They already stated they expect Jussie to cover the expenses. An easy job and check.

    They have evidence of calls and text messages. Does Jussie have a long, lost twin that had access to his phone I haven’t heard of? Personally I think Jussie just wanted to damage the Trump campaign, maybe get a little more fame, and didn’t consider the repercussions in his state of mind.

  5. Why can’t he be forgiven? Most of everyone that is on him acts like they have the perfect spotless life as if they haven’t done anything they regret. It’s mostly just a bunch of miserable people that like to watch others suffer to make them feel better.

    The social media advocates are aomesomet else.

    Also…. Can you explain this???


    1. ^good article.
      let’s get into it.

      she lied and said she was raped by 3 black wolves.
      she admitted her guilt and won’t be going to jail but:

      “Her plea deal has two possible punishments: regular probation or deferred adjudication, which often involves fulfilling a requirement, such as treatment or community service.”

      so she is still being punished for being a liar.
      am i wrong in that assessment?
      probably not.

      no one wants jussie to go to jail.
      being accused of being a liar doesn’t mean you pass go and head straight on jail.
      most of us feel his story is sketchy and want the truth to what happened.

      since we are compare bad deeds to other bad deeds,
      lets give r kelly our forgiveness as well.
      casey anthony,
      harvey weinstein,
      and oj.
      we can forgive all of these folks,
      but it will still leave a dent in their characters and reputations going forward.

      …and the narrative of “he’s a black man” is interesting because let’s look at r. kelly and oj.
      the white folks who did wrong have been fired and exiled.
      that snow she-jackal in that article will have a dent in her reputation.
      so color of skin really has no weight in these stories.
      it’s all:

      Who do I like more?
      What am i willing to overlook?

      1. I will bail Jussie out. The justice system is a joke. You have White men that rape young black girls and get no jail time. You have cops executing Black people in their own home for playing music. Absolutely not. Do you know how many queens lie and create an online persona to seem more successful than they actually are?

        I’m not condoning Jussie’s behavior if he’s lying. I’m saying that for all of the people who should be in jail, he is the last. PERIODT!

      2. Casey changed her identity for sure. I’m still mazed she got away with murdering her own child and leaving the body to rot away. Everytime I hear her

        It’s just like the Grammys. It’s a popularity contest. They don’t award you for talent, just if you can gather the most fans.

        Jussie def doesn’t need to go to jail for something other folks do all the time..(I.e. Kim Kardashian)

        I don’t think he’s gonna go to jail. The funny thing about this is, all this controversy still puts his name in the spotlight. His mullato self may come out with a book months to year later about this incident and why he did what he did and why he is or didn’t tell the truth. Probably become a best seller. 😂😂

  6. Sorry, but I’m not entering that rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. I’ll leave that to the ignorant masses of militant black folks and hardcore liberal whites who seek to blame the Chicago Police and Trump for Jussie’s incomprehensible actions.

    How many times have your written a person check and wrote something on the “check memo” line that wasn’t for it’s true purpose? I’ve done it plenty of times to conceal my business dealings. For example, I extended a loan to a friend but it would’ve embarrassed him had I wrote LOAN in the check memo so I wrote something more discreet. I can’t explain why TMZ has decided to feed the trolls with this story but it’s all moot. Jussie will get his day in court but until then I will not participate in the insanity of willfully stupid people who believe Smollett was framed.

  7. Jamari, you need an Ignore option. I’ll chip in for you to get Disqus. I do not want to see nor hear from certain foxholers.

  8. It’s interesting that Jussie Smollett reportedly has evidence to dispute police claim that he paid the dudes and that he also has several text backing up that the money was actually for training for a music video. Lol Anyways. Time to start the work week again.

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