Keith Powers Thinks You’re Either Gay or Straight, No Bisexual

i love keith powers.
i think he is talented,
and is the few who promotes his love for black vixens.
keith may have fucked up with the bisexuals tho.
the males.
he had an interview with the “hollywood unlocked” crew a few days ago.
they asked him about if he heard any gay rumors surrounding him.
he said this


well before the gays get the pitch forks and gasoline,
let’s be real for a second

That is usually the talk of what most think of the bisexuals

for vixens,
they can allegedly be bisexual and still end up with a wolf.
for males,
there is allegedly no such thing.
it is either one or the other.
when you are the one getting penetrated,
that might just be “naw he just gay”.

Maybe it’s different for the penetrator?

either way,
some are canceling him because of his opinion.
he wasn’t vulgar about it.
he didn’t say he hated gays or bisexuals.
maybe he just needs to be schooled?

what i learned with straight males is they can be ignorant af.
most of them still think gays are the stereotypical.

…or you’re some overt muscular rapist.

most of us just be minding our business.
it isn’t until they meet someone who is gay/bi and cool af.
they can be taught to have a change of opinion.
i’m not gonna banish keith just yet.

lowkey: i love how far jason lee has come!

12 thoughts on “Keith Powers Thinks You’re Either Gay or Straight, No Bisexual

  1. to be honest I’m not surprised even in our own community a lot of the lgt and etc don’t see bisexual as a real thing. That and a lot of gay men claim bisexuality before just deciding to be fully gay so I could understand the ignorance of thinking they don’t exist. I can’t be mad at him for making this type of statement not a lot of straight dudes are fluent in the type of subject same w/ lgt folks.

  2. The most funny and stupid gay stereotype that makes my eyes roll is when a straight person says “You’re too cute to be gay.”

    Bish what?

    1. Right. I wonder how many bisexual rich men she has slept with. And knew about it ,but didnt give a damn, bc they were paying her bills.

  3. we’ve already talked about how most people think this way so I’m not going to to into that but what i will say is that while maybe he will meet some people who can enlighten him. but why is it always the lgbt person’s job to teach others this. Why can’t one be open minded enough to look this up on their own. I’ve been in this situation a few times where I have to explain things to straights who say stuff like ” For a gay guy you act totally different than i was expecting” . Why can’t I just be me like you are you and that be it?it seems People have a hard time look past stereotypes.

    Just because you don’t believe or understand something doesn’t meant it it doesn’t exist.

    1. Excellent comment Mikey. Personally, I feel like if I have to explain my blackness or gayness to you, we’re not going to be friends long. Either that, or I throw it right back at them to make them realize how stupid they sound. Ignorance is not an excuse. It’s not my job to teach these dumb af straights and even some bi people, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting having to explain my life every damn day. “bisexuals don’t exist”, “Trans doesn’t exist”, “you’re not like the other gay guys” etc. As much as everyone’s entitled to their opinions, they are also entitled to backlash, and I’m entitled to walk away and associate with people that have brains. lol

  4. Damn he fine and very GQ model of my type and very nicely toned, yummy. That Boondocks scene reminds me of what goes down at the sex party, for real!

  5. Opinion is not necessarily fact. It’s OK to have one, just own it and don’t back down.

  6. I remember my straight friends telling me that they were surprised that as a gay man I’m masculine, reserved and not catty. I told them cattiness is very common with straight men. As for bisexuality you can be attracted to both. I know a woman who has 3 children and after being with men for years she’s been with a female for over 3yrs. I also have a relative who’s now dating men after being with woman, he’s only into guys now. Sexuality is fluid, there’s no black and white areas with sexuality and some of us in the gay community are bisexual(I’m not) . The lgbt community gets on my nerves sometimes, being bisexual doesn’t mean being on the dl. It’s not one in the same. I remember I chat with a guy who told me he was openly bisexual and that his baby mom knew that he was into men prior to dating him and that sometimes they invited men to the bedroom. Everyone has to thing but who am I to tell someone what they should be attracted to. This guy is an idiot

    1. ^i agree.
      i still most straight males have a very skewed view of male sexuality.
      i believing one can change their opinion if they are around the right people.

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