Black Panther? More Like Black Power!

did ya’ll see the teaser trailer for marvel’s,
“black panther”??!?!?!?!?
well let me show you…

i cried watching that.
seeing all that melanin commanding a marvel movie.

chadwick boseman.
michael b. jordan
lupita nyong’o
danai gurira
angela bassett
forest whitaker
phylicia rashad
directed by ryan coogler

i mean…

What a time to be alive!

“black panther” hits theaters feb. 16th, 2018.
i’ll be there.

Will you?

lowkey: why do i feel the red carpet for this movie is gonna be a lituation?

Author: jamari fox

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26 thoughts on “Black Panther? More Like Black Power!”

  1. I think Stan Lee is a genius and lowkey woke af. He made the X-Men to be a type of commentary of racial issues back during the Civil Rights era. Magneto and Prof. X are supposed to be based off of Malcolm X and MLK Jr. Wakanda is supposed to be the most richest and technologically advanced country on Earth. And Black Panther is married to Storm in the comics. It’s gonna be Litty!

    1. ^OH IS HE?!?!?!?
      that relationship must be amazing.
      too bad they won’t let x-men cross over to marvel movies.

      i’ve been hearing it has been based on malcolm and martin.
      he def is woke af.
      i feel like x-men represents anyone who is out-casted for being different.
      most of us who are “different” are extremely talented too.

      1. Marvel doesn’t own the movie rights to the X-men. They sold them to Fox Studios years ago before Marvel was bought by Disney. So you’re most likely not going to see the X-men in the marvel cinematic universe anytime soon

    2. Unfortunately they’re no longer together. Not sure if they got divorced or are just separated.
      I think putting them together was a way to sell books. Comics are full of gimmicks to sell issues.
      Trust me, I got enough boxes to know! LOL

    3. black panther and storm were together but that ended because of some shit black panther did to storm around the time of I want to say avengers vs x-men which is unfortunate because the Avengers vs x-men story lines were most “what if this character fought this other character?” and not anything serious nor canon to the entire Marvel universe.

      I do love that the Magneto malcolm x and professor x mlk idea I think it’s a perfect way to explain and connect to characters with something that’s real.

  2. I can’t wait for this!! I saw the trailer last night and kept watching it over and over. So great to see all black cast in an action film. I haven’t been this excited for an action film since Jurassic World. Imagine Halloween, all these black kids and adults dressed up as the characters. Seeing this opening weekend for sure. Great way to celebrate black history month!!

  3. “Oh SHIT”, this definitely deserves an oscar in order and boy we got it! It’s clever tho they actually switched a movement into an actual super hero. I hope its both but damn this is very distant and I want to see it now!!

  4. This is on of Marvel’s biggest “tests” in terms of their films. It’s an all-black cast, and we all know how those fare in Hollywood. I have a feeling it will be successful though. I for one will be in the audience.

  5. I’M DOWN! I’M DOWN! I usually am not a movie goer, I haven’t even watched the latest marvel movies and I’m a marvel Stan, but I’m going to be there. I’m actually excited! I usually don’t get excited for anything, but this right here? Sign me UP!

  6. I’m definitely going to be there I’ve been pumped for this ever since they announced it. i so ready to see Luptia in a live action role ( not voicing a character like in jungle book or star wars).

  7. thats what I am fucking talking about. About damn time we see an all black cast in a major god damn hollywood film. All I need is for us black people to support this shit and make it into the box office succes

  8. I am not a movie person anymore, the last movie I saw was Get Out and before that I can not even recall, I have heard of this movie, but not a comic person, really had no idea what it was about, but I saw this trailer yesterday and was floored. OMG, this has to be the best thing I have ever seen, when I tell you I can not even describe not only the smile on my face but in my heart. I was like DAMN this is mind blowing. My Black Pride shined so bright, I felt I could light the universe. This was BEAUTIFUL. I can not wait to see this movie, and I can not even tell you the last time I said this about a movie. I would actually wait in an overnight line to be the first to see this, and in all my days, I have never had the desire to do that with any movie. Go Black Panther.

  9. I’m absolutely going either opening night or that weekend. From the director to the casting and the costumes it looks like a winner. Even though the PTB over at Marvel probably see this film as a gamble I truly believe black folk are going to come out and support it. And maybe the others too lol. And I’m definitely going in all black cuz why not.

  10. Who’s going? βœ‹πŸΏ What you think about that trailer? πŸ”₯πŸ™ŒπŸΎ What you think about the cast? πŸ‘πŸΏβœŠπŸΏ How much of a black panther fan are you?😍 How much are you hoping Fox gets it in their heads that having Storm in a black panther movie would be a lucrative business deal and approves of it? πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

    1. I would love it if marvel took the rights to create a storm storyline. Fun fact we almost got a storm film if the wolverine origins story movie would have done well.

      Unfortunately they did a bad job on telling the story as well as making people excited to see it so yeah that storm and other x-men characters film series was nixed.

  11. Not a big fan of “superhero movies” or Black Panther. I think I’m just tired of superhero films in general. I really don’t care about anything other than if the plot is going to be good, nice action and makes sense and not just something thrown together to “bait tease”. I go to movies for escapism… What I want to see is a genuine fantasy film featuring black and Latino characters (like Harry Potter). It’s so rare to find anything like this these days. Just young black individuals going on a magical adventure, having fun like the Goonies, Peter Pan or something of the sort…Call me a big kid IDC..πŸ˜‚ I won’t hold my breath anytime soon though.

  12. I CAN’T FUCKIN’ WAIT TO SEE THIS FILM. I already own a black panther jersey so I’m ready when they are.

    The thing that I hated though the day after was finding out world of wakanda(this book is all about the dora milaje which is lupita, and the other women that are fighting’s back story) as well as black panther and the crew(basically a story about a bunch of black marvel characters getting together like black panther, storm, misty knight, luke cage and captain america who is falcon working together and etc) both comics were interesting views into those associated with black panther as well as him himself. But I am glad to see so much gorgeous blackness in such a huge budget action film.

  13. This is definitely a movie I want to see but I cant help but wonder when black people will create their own superhero universe. That would be real black power…ahem super black power.

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