todrick hall learns his stans might be as crazy as he is

when you have social media influence,
folks who don’t know you will go hard for you

that means those who follow your journey will be protective of you.
you can’t be posting anything and everything.
todrick hall has learned that.
when he posted that rant about his ex danny,
his legion of stans went ape shit about.
it got so bad that they sent danny death threats.
todrick had to post these apology videos with the quickness…

if he is a good person,
who made a human mistake,
and he wasn’t someone who was even boyfriend stats…

Why even put up in the ig stories?

i get it tho.
when we get angry,
we want to go blast someone to 7 billion strangers.
it’s best to put the phone down,
step away,
and take a breather.
you might end up having to apologize to someone mama.

7 thoughts on “todrick hall learns his stans might be as crazy as he is

  1. I don’t understand it either. It’s like you talking about their mama or daddy! LOL
    Like do you think these celebs you going so hard for give two shyts about you?! Nine times out of ten if you’re in a room with them, you’ll be ignored.
    If I like someone or something, and someone else doesn’t..oh well. I’m not losing any sleep over it.
    People like that, I feel sorry for because they are delusional and probably have no lives, living vicariously through their favorite celeb.

    1. ^they say don’t meet your idols because you’ll be disappointed.
      i’d hate to meet the person i’m riding hard for and they treat me like absolutely garbage or don’t acknowledge my existence.

  2. What a sad world we live in Jamari. Whatever you do, don’t become a “Stan” or at least a negative one of another “human being”. I find it interesting that Stan’s will send death threats to others and forget that based on universal laws, when you wish death or think negative about someone else, it comes right back at you, sometimes minutes or maybe even months later… It doesn’t go to that person.

    What’s interesting here is the transfer of negative energy. As you can see it is like a disease. A visionary experience that doesn’t involve physical confrontation.

    The stans you’re talking about will be dealt with accordingly and when they wonder why things in their life may not be right or their love life is in shambles, they’ll never think back to that time they wished ill intentions on another human being. Instead, they will count whatever is happening as a “part of life” and they will blindly do that for the rest of their life.

    In fact, the perfect example of this spiritual disease is his negative action, spreading to them causing a negative reaction… How long does it take? How fast does light travel? Mind control and transfer…Notice how it got so bad he had to do an apology and request his Stan’s not to attack Danny anymore. The level of mind control is something serious here.

    Excessive stanning to me borders nearly close to idolatry.

    “The people will put their faith in their idols and when the great calamity hits, they will look up for their idols but instead see them standing right next to them.”

    1. ^stan culture has ruined celebs and insta-celebs.
      i’ve seen folks cuss someone(s) our over certain stars.
      wishing death on them and shit.
      i get you like someone,
      but seriously?
      to go to the form of disrespect for someone you don’t even know.

      1. It’s bad. In my past I almost beat up a boy because we were discussing something in class and I said I don’t find Nikki Minaj’s music relevant. This was my personal assessment based on today’s culture and he must have got an attitude and tried to loud talk and drag me in class about How relevant she was, and he just didn’t know how close he was to getting dragged literally across the floor.

        He was about to get punched and I was gonna tell him to call Niki and ask her to foot the hospital bill since they so close.

        Stans dont scare or intimidate me at all. Any one of em come at me with some crap, it’s a wrap. They can say what they want but the minute they lift a finger or act like they wanna jump up… It’s over. Good thing I ignore negativity these

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