vinny watson is wanted for murder

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so i came across a tumblr about vinny watson.
it’s called “daddy v ig v_watson”.
it was heavily promoting his sexual relationship with jah.
i don’t know if it’s really vinny,
but i gotta font


vinny was stabbin’ that hole completely OUT.
jah looked like he couldn’t even remember his whole name.
if he had a uterus,
he would be pregnant.
that sex looks like how most vixens get pregnant out here.
when i think of sex with a lot of passion,
that’s the type i’m fontin’ about.
it’s usually better when:

it’s in a relationship
insanely attracted to someone

emotionally attached

let’s not forget hate and make up sex too.
those endorphins “be” like no other.

it also seems like vinny alleged answered about deven too.
he was asked if he ever did anything sexual with deven:


if that’s true,
i guess that answered our many questions.

lowkey: i wonder if vinny was tearin’ up deven like that too?
i’m kinda interested.

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12 thoughts on “vinny watson is wanted for murder

  1. Didn’t Deven say that Vinny was his uncle? This is a ghetto mess and I’m watching from afar, but not too closely, cause it’s gonna get messy sooner or later.

  2. I felt bored and went ahead and paid the $30 for his monthly subscription…I know..I know.. Something I wouldn’t normally do but I wanted to see exactly what mighty midget was up to and to see if it was. I may start just subscribing to pages to analyze and then pass them off to Jamari so he can review it himself. If I had time to to my own separate blog I would.

    My HONEST review:

    Content: he has large amount of photos and a “decent” amount of about 81 videos. I don’t know that much about him but I discovered he has a thing for…feet.

    Pictures: The photos (like maybe 200+) are the general type of photos you can find on Tumblr or Instagram of any guy that wants to be naked, but I’m guessing since they are of him and his “entourage”, he brands them as exclusive pictures. Honestly, I find masturbating to pictures so 1995 and this did little to appease my appetite for exclusivity, but I digress. However, I will add that he has a nice butt and it never occurred to me just how short he is and his peen looks like a meat hook and is big (which us short guys are known for anyways.)

    There were some things of that Devin guy everyone talks about but it was nothing “special” and the general vids everyone has seen in Tumblr or Pornhub…anyhow.

    I remember reading a funny (older) comment of some gay man saying Devin had sent (or didn’t send something for the money), I cant remember) and Vinny commented and said he’d talk to Devin about it

    Videos: Those videos…umm the longest one I saw was maybe 11 minutes and it seems to be more like pieces of videos put to make a longer video. These are the most recent, however, the later ones (when he first started) are straight trash (tease bait) capping at about 5-7 seconds very unappealing. I had but wondered is this what gay men prescribe to for content? The new guy I see him screwing with is Jah (I think that’s his name)…from the videos, Vinny is the Top…and there are two videos of someone bottoming that match his complexion. I’m not a dummy though, unless I see actual faces I’m side eyeing.

    I think him and Jah have a little chemistry with each other.

    I also noticed he had over 1,000 subscribers in a past post 1,000 times $30…wait…Listen Foxhole…I have never seen a better excuse to use gay men for money now than ever. His videos are NOT professional quality, they are short, the editing is shoddy, and the settings are lackluster. I saw him even post a scene (same scene) twice and in one video it was looped but from a different angle. Yes, I can tell, (trust me from my background). This isn’t a shot at him, but a very strange thing. I don’t know whether to be inspired by his resourcefulness or turn my nose of at some gay men for not putting for their money towards profitable LGBT community issues but are first in line for digital peen and cakes that will never get.

    I’m starting to see how these men are going on vacations and all that now. That’s a crap load of money but I’m wondering how all this is done though because Onlyfans is not an American entity. I wonder how this will play out when it’s time to file taxes.

    I also visited Arquez and Rico’s site too…..🤐

    1. And idk…I think Vinny is cute. He’s like a little bite-sized action figure and he’s a pretty aggressive top. Oh and he’s not a selfish top either, he ensures his bottom comes first. This gives him some good points in my book. He seems to enjoy getting Jah off which is a nice thing in his earlier vids..(those are the good ones of his OF page.?

    2. ^i LOVE this review jammy!!!!
      thank you for sharing it with the foxhole.
      i refuse to pay 30 dollars for that.
      him or anyone.
      i figured the videos would be longer since there are so many,
      but it seems like it’s a scam.

      damn arquez and rico are bad too?

      1. Vinny is getting better with his current vidd. I would prefer if his vids were longer and the camera was so jumpy. These folks need to use some of them OF coins to get a smartphone camera stand. I think he should consider bringing his price down to 15 at most, only cause he has a lot of vids, unlike others. He seems alright now (probably because of fan complaints maybe?) but those earlier vids.. Hell no, I would never pay to see that..

        Now Arquez and Ricky have a show called DM Dairies. I decided to check it out being a little partial to these two cuties. The tagline is that it features “real sex”…Sometimes I really don’t like to be honest but I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t and we’ll…

        The Guys: Both of them are cute. It was good to see Arquez and Rico…nice and naked good looking men.

        The Series: I’m afraid to say it really needs some work…okay, honestly a LOT of work. The pacing is terrible and the plot is laughably unbelievable. I’m not being mean, just honest. I do like them but the series itself is a slow burn….and they only have three episodes out now so… ain’t looking lovely. Camera, editing acting all needs work.

        The sex umm scenes: First episode was unbelievable plot wise. The sex scene was interesting to a point. There was some very Real oral and the sex itself looked “realistic” to a point, while in other parts it looked staged. I was pissed at Arqeuz for a particular reason during the sex.

        Rico’s character pissed me off too with what he did in the end of episode one greatly and totally unrealistic and reaching excuse and outcome to have a sex. In fact, episode 2 irritated me.

        Now I’m not going to spoil anything to dissuade curious folks from checking them out. Do so with low expectations.

        Episode 3 sex scene was interesting but there was a PROBLEM and I called them out on it too. I notice stuff…and my mind is not in jack off land…I watch stuff and pay attention…and if I see something that ain’t right and I paid for it, I will say something.. Not being mean, just real.

        I honestly can’t recommend it to anyone who wants an actual series, even the “real sex” was questionable at times (I rolled my eyes a few times). It’s good to see them but the series is so farfetched you just might get turned off altogether.

        What I would suggest: I strongly recommend that these two get either an Onlyfans or ASAP. After looking at Vinny’s page, these two could make a profit if the market themselves right as well without much effort. ThtT would be what I’d do from a business standpoint.

        Also, I stumbled upon a clip from a webseries called Dirty Talk ..and they have an OF with episodes…It’s like looking at a gay version of Zane Sex Chronicles on Skinemax or something. I think it’s a hot series from what I saw and I think their page is like only 7.99 a month. I like how “artiscally shot” the sex scene I saw was. I was like…oh…a Gay Zane Sex Chronicles or something…I’ll allow it!

    3. Deven promotes Vinny’s onlyfans page so he probably helped up the subscribers since he has 350k+ followers on instagram

  3. I looked at the headline and didn’t bat an eye. I really thought he was wanted for murder lmao.

    Nevertheless, he just doesn’t do it for me… but he was definitely beating the complete fuck out of about Jah. Lord bless those walls.

  4. The videos from the bits I’ve seen aren’t bad I however still plan on keeping my money. Lol

    I’m Highkey sure him and deven at least did some frotting and also he blew deven’s back out that’s why he’s never upset w/ vinny.

  5. I’m not gonna hold y’all, Vinny isn’t exactly my aesthetic in the types of guys I like, but I would love to feel that curve just one time 🙊

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