vinny watson is wanted for murder

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so i came across a tumblr about vinny watson.
it’s called “daddy v ig v_watson”.
it was heavily promoting his sexual relationship with jah.
i don’t know if it’s really vinny,
but i gotta font
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vinny watson and jah get some xxx leakage for their only fans

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

so we live in a new era of “show us what you got”.
the bigger the attentionisto; the better the social media presence.
vinny watson and his new bae,
have been showing us bits and pieces of their relationship.
well they got bitten by the “onlyfans” bug and decided to go full bts.
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in jah, vinny watson trust

i may have been right.
before “ya boy” made the mistake of coming at me crazy,
i been fonting this from the start.
it seems like vinny watson is in love…
and it’s not with deven hubbard.
vinny is in a whole relationship with another attentionisto.
that attentionisto is named jah.
these are some of their pics together…
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Devin Thomas: CUT.

OKNOsorry my patois is a little rusty lol
born again jamaican…
baller wolf,
devin thomas,
was cut from the detriot lions over the weekend.

x read about it here

remember when i… we… everyone all use to think he was fine as hell?
good lawd what happened?
he is definitely into this rasta thing heavvvvvvvy.
is he even jamaican?
he looks like he lives in a forest and cooks his food over an open fire.
i’m completely baffled with all this.