Madonna Is On That New New Attentionista Plan

38970_pplmadonna is ruining her legacy.
she s the biggest female pop star since the late 80s.
well instead her finding a seat on her throne,
she is out here acting like she is having a serious mid life crisis.
so she has a new album called “rebel heart” that is coming out this year.
the singles are not selling well so you know what that means?
attentionista on fleek.
she threw up 3 pictures today of 3 blacks she deemed as “rebels”…

can we say “bad idea”?
i think madonna needs to retire.
even tho i love “living for love”,
she def needs to let this be her last album.
in a perfect world:
she wouldn’t be on instagram making a fool of herself.
she would be preparing a “goodbye” tour where she performs her old hits.
like jay z,
and on certain stops,
she would have guest performers to assist her with some songs.
after that she would bow out gracefully and have her way with young dick.
britfacials6that’s a perfect world tho.
so i guess we need to witness her embarrass herself for another era.
one with low sales at that.
shame she is going out like like dis.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Madonna Is On That New New Attentionista Plan”

  1. You think she would’ve stopped these try-hard antics for attention back when she turned 30 over 20 years ago.

  2. Madonna always been an attention who’re

    Been that way from the beginning

    It becomes more obvious and desperate the older she gets.

  3. I guess this is what happens when the singing aspect of being a singer doesn’t come first. When you think about it while I have respect for her she has always been gimmicky since she first pop up, smh she seems to be running out of ideas.

  4. 1. Why are they all black?
    2. Why are they dead blacks?
    3. Why those that are considered pillars to black culture?
    4. Why the f**kin rope around the face?
    5. Why now?

  5. 1. Madonna isn’t the biggest female pop star from the late 80’s
    2. I don’t see anthing wrong with the pics
    3. I love that she makes herself relevant in a Beyonce Rihanna world
    4. I use to really not like her but now I really admire her

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