Madonna Is Sorry for Her Attentionista Ways

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.45.19 PMwell everyone on every social media platform tore madonna a new one.
( x remember this entry )
well she quickly apologized for those pictures she put up on her instagram.
she apologized.
no you are not dreaming.
this is what she told people via essence
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Madonna Is On That New New Attentionista Plan

38970_pplmadonna is ruining her legacy.
she s the biggest female pop star since the late 80s.
well instead her finding a seat on her throne,
she is out here acting like she is having a serious mid life crisis.
so she has a new album called “rebel heart” that is coming out this year.
the singles are not selling well so you know what that means?
attentionista on fleek.
she threw up 3 pictures today of 3 blacks she deemed as “rebels”…
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Is This Tweet From Paris Hilton about Nelson Mandela Real?

BawY0krCQAA0r2ntell me this is a photo shop of this deleted tweet?
  paris hilton isn’t that dumb, is she?
then again…
tumblr_inline_mx8xoqGWOt1rya7fqthis isn’t the way to get back into the spotlight p!
i’m just saying.
you already got caught up being a racist ( @2:40):

lets not add dumb ass to your dossier.

lowkey: i know she had a lot to say about her ex friend loving that “nigger” dick.

Rest In Paradise To The Great, Nelson Mandela

mandela3rip nelson mandela.
(1918 – 2013)
he fought a good fight,
but now he’s at peace.
i’m not as sad at his death since it wasn’t a tragic end.
he was older and you have to expect it was coming.
he did good while he was on this earth,
changed the world,
became the first black president of south africa,
and is cemented within the history books.
for that i pay my respects.
the coming generations will learn about this great man who fought for what he believed in.
i’d say he had a good run,
don’t you?

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