Is This Tweet From Paris Hilton about Nelson Mandela Real?

BawY0krCQAA0r2ntell me this is a photo shop of this deleted tweet?
  paris hilton isn’t that dumb, is she?
then again…
tumblr_inline_mx8xoqGWOt1rya7fqthis isn’t the way to get back into the spotlight p!
i’m just saying.
you already got caught up being a racist ( @2:40):

lets not add dumb ass to your dossier.

lowkey: i know she had a lot to say about her ex friend loving that “nigger” dick.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “Is This Tweet From Paris Hilton about Nelson Mandela Real?”

      1. Hell no! I am so sick of watching blondes. And I really don’t know why people love blondes for. Yea hollywood might have some pretty blondes thanks to plastic surgery but majority are very plain looking. Narrows nose, thin lips and eyebrows invisible so they always look shocked. That why they are easy like a fat girl eating cheeseburgers.

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