Vixens Out Here Doing Free PR For These “Straight” Wolves

set scene:

uh uh.
he ain’t gay.
no he ain’t.
he has sex with bitches.
he had sex with my homegirl…”

or my fav:

uh uh.
he ain’t gay.
when i tried to put my finger in his bootyhole,
he punched me.
i knew he was straight with the ferocity of that punch.”

well of course he punched you hoe!
he knew you were trying to out him so he had to think fast.
let me put my finger in his bootyhole with my mouth on his pipe.
i guarantee i’ll get the ring and his credit card
so you’ve seen many vixens work free PR for some fox/wolf/hybrid out here.
whether it be the celeb of their dreams or boy next door,
vixens think they know who men are fuckin’ 24/7.
if a wolf always finds his way into pussy,
or he has a body count with a lot of vixens,
that automatically rules out he is ever attracted to the same sex.
no way could that same wolf be “bi” or even “tri”.
they’re always so cute.
all defensive and turning red in the face.
well i’m here to say a few words


tumblr_n1sim1aGMd1rsl00eo3_250thats it.
the funny thing that kills me is the ones who are OBVIOUS get cuffed.
these vixens will be outing men who ain’t do them shit,
but their gay ass husband/boyfriend is the real culprit.
i’m schleep tho.
for instance…

i was coming home from work the last week.
this spanish couple was on the train platform tonguing each other down.
i mean playing a mean game of tonsil tennis.
looked like it was tied.
well what got my attention was his tail.
those bunz he had were super fat.
he was also wearing boxer briefs with stars on them.
how i know?
he had that “advertising” sag happening.
you know what the advertising sag is…

advertising sag (v): when your drawz scream for attention and then you sag.
it lets hungry wolves know that they can feast there

when they stopped kissing,
he was super duper feminine.
foxhole: know when someone is “one of us”.
you can’t tell me he doesn’t have an xtube account.
some wolf has to be pounding those cheeks until he saw stars.
maybe thats why he had the star boxer briefs on?

men out here,
no matter who they are or what they’re like,
are fuckin’ each other.
tumblr_m9h4niP45L1qbbb7uo1_500 tumblr_m9h4niP45L1qbbb7uo2_500 tumblr_m9h4niP45L1qbbb7uo3_500 tumblr_m9h4niP45L1qbbb7uo4_500allegedly.
there is no sure fire way to tell a man is gay/bi/r tri.
male celeb fantasies are out here fuckin’ men.
those s4s on instagram is really just foreplay.
hell gay wolves/foxes/hybrids looks better than actual straight ones nowadays.
i’m not one to judge.
you know i love me a baller wolf who plays with balls.
these vixens shouldn’t judge either.
when it comes time for ”that one time i dated that stud”,
or they want to play “bisexual fantasy for attention”,
you can’t tell them shit right?
the world has changed.
get with the program or get left behind.

lowkey: actually let these vixens do their free PR.
the more they defend is the more people who talk.

so the jackal/hyena fucks the fine wolf.
its usually for one night.

well the jackal/hyena can’t hold air in his mouth so he tells the vixen.
the smart fox listens,
goes and sniffs out that fine wolf,
and keeps his secrets.

see i call that “fox wire marketing”.
how you think we find out who gets down in sports and entertainment?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Vixens Out Here Doing Free PR For These “Straight” Wolves”

  1. Preach!!!
    I wanna have my church fan out right now to give you props. I have so many female friends sho swear they know what down low men are only to not no anything.

    Like u stated gay/bi/tri comes in many shapes and forms these days. Hell I know straight guys who try things with other man because it’s easy and less of a hassle than going around the hoops one had to do a chick.

    A fox or wolf(no jackals) will keep what happens between safe and quiet and will always be down for some in between the sheets fun.

  2. Yea, I keep on trying to tell people who are not yet hipped about this life. Women, some who are even college age are linking up with these men and covering up for them for nothing. However, I can’t say that is such a bad thing because if the women are already at least friends with these men, they will help them keep their secrets, that is what good friends do.

    As Jamari said, any man can be down, whether masculine, popular or married with children. The circumstances really does not matter. I picked up knowledge about this life quickly, especially since I already knew of some dudes who were questionable. Some of them were shy and introverted and off to themselves, while others were more social and outgoing. People have the idea that gay has a certain type of look. In their minds gay men are feminine, loud, and wear bright colors, but that’s just the stereotype. There are many men who are gay aside from the obvious ones. Shit, most of the dudes that hit on me are other masculine men, there may be a feminine one I stumble across every now and then. The ladies men and the roughnecks are the ones to watch out for. Women easily fall under a man’s spell when he is charming, smart, respectful and intelligent, trust me on this one. Whenever women have conversations with these men, they start flipping their hair, laughing awkwardly, touching him on shoulder etc. However, they do not realize dude is just playing the game and keeping up an image to help keep his secret. The more rougher guys always like to brag about banging females, smoking, and partying, but that’s just a smoke screen to cover up shit. I have run across these types many times in the past and I still do. As soon as I make eyes with them I already know.

    1. And that’s real talk too. My last boyfriend has 4 kids. 2 of them he didn’t know about. Sexuality can be as fluid as water. It’s not as black and white as everyone thinks it is

  3. These young broads need guidance. Just because a man does x,y, or z doesn’t indicate whether or not he is gay. There is no magic formula to solve for gay. Sheesh. If these vixens are going to do PR, get a check or something out of it. Fucking,sucking, and kissing and telling all for free.

  4. I agree with your write up 100%, and I don’t want to derail from the convo, but my curiosity is really bugging me.

    What movie/series are the gifs with the guys kissing at the door from? It’s not often you see black gay romance situations in film medium whose picture quality looks like it had a fairly decent budget behind it.

    Just wondering.

      1. Thanks so much for the source. Had no idea how partially depressing it would be.

        Regardless, I kinda like it.

  5. Realtalk the world would just be a better place if we all admit that there are as many bisexual men as there are woman. This is nothing new….see Spartacus lol

    1. Right, we outchea. They don’t even know we exist and do not believe in bisexuality period. Wouldn’t dating be so much better if we were all able to come out of the closet? I wouldn’t be able to leave the crib lol. Foxes would be going so crazy you’d think I’d put a root on em lol.

  6. I do think that most vixens are defensive because they like the man. Us gays have to deal with some men not being down so they should have to deal with the opposite. At least if the man is bi, vixens can still get the D. At the end of the day, they have it better than we do so I don’t understand why one man being non-hetero is the end of the world for them.

    You forgot to mention how readily easy vixens are to accept a black man being gay/bi/tri but let it be a light skin man or someone of the racially ambiguous variety. They’ll argue with you from morning till night. Let a black man say bless you to another man that sneezed. “Oh that nigga gay.” Let a racially ambiguous light skin man deep throat another man’s finger. “He just wanted to taste the food residue left on his finger, that ain’t gay.”

    I wish we had it as easy as vixens. Do you know how many straight girls will fool around with another woman because they’re bored. If only if only men could be that open and fluid.

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