Madonna Is Sorry for Her Attentionista Ways

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 7.45.19 PMwell everyone on every social media platform tore madonna a new one.
( x remember this entry )
well she quickly apologized for those pictures she put up on her instagram.
she apologized.
no you are not dreaming.
this is what she told people via essence
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Madonna Is On That New New Attentionista Plan

38970_pplmadonna is ruining her legacy.
she s the biggest female pop star since the late 80s.
well instead her finding a seat on her throne,
she is out here acting like she is having a serious mid life crisis.
so she has a new album called “rebel heart” that is coming out this year.
the singles are not selling well so you know what that means?
attentionista on fleek.
she threw up 3 pictures today of 3 blacks she deemed as “rebels”…
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