The Type of Dick You DON’T Want!

most of the times,
all these hood rats jackals and hyenas know how to do is fuck.
they get a lot of practice in throughout the years,
so when they cum across you,
they fuck you into the next century.
thank God “we” don’t have uterus.
“we” would be out with 10 and 11 cubs.
fetty wap is a great example of “why is this still happening?” and “ya’ll ain’t learn from the last one?”.
all these vixens and she hyenas pregnant.
i’m all the way confused,
but i share tami roman’s sentiments in her “bonnet chronicles”
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What U Gon’ Do For The DC (Challenge)?


so there is a new challenge going on right now.


the vixens are flowing to a beat on what they’d do for the dc.
well i love issa rae and regina hall’s contribution…
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The “Truth” About Lil Duval

i’ve never been a fan of lil duval.
his spirit never came off legit.
something about him just never connected with me.
so i’m not shocked with his comments.
my thing is…
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Tami Roman’s Got An Alleged (Fine) Wolf Now

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.32.52 PMso tami roman has got a alleged wolf now.
the shade room debuted him on their instagram page…
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The Game Goes Ape Shit on Tami Roman

Rapper-The-Gamewell looks like the game is taking out the trash.
bbw alum tami roman and his baby mama tiffany happens to be inside.
the game went ape shit in tami’s mentions for breaking up his relationship.
necole bitchie caught all the drama…

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Tami Roman Needs To Leave The Mean Girl Table

whoaaaaatobviously tami roman didn’t see this in editing.
so this flashed across my timeline.
i’m listening to yeezus and not watching bb wives.
i may have to tune in.
even though tami can be a bully of epic proportions,
she should realize:

lowkey: oh she just put this:

tamitweetwell duh tami.
they are adult mean girls.
wasn’t she one too?
  tami wasn’t feeling this way when she was in the circle.
talkin’ shit about all the other chicks of basketball girlfriend’s past.

finally realizing you’re just a square t?

x go check up on tami twitter