The Game Goes Ape Shit on Tami Roman

Rapper-The-Gamewell looks like the game is taking out the trash.
bbw alum tami roman and his baby mama tiffany happens to be inside.
the game went ape shit in tami’s mentions for breaking up his relationship.
necole bitchie caught all the drama…

The-Game-goes-in-on-Tami-Roman1tumblr_mzbn02IgfZ1sfv6u7o2_250well tell us why you mad jayceon!
tell us why you maaaaaaaaad!
an f-bi alerted me a while ago that the game is supposed to be on “love and hiphop: la”.
well my sources were on point because he recently had a meeting with mona scott young.
allegedly his pipe has been sliding in and out of this vixen:


potential story line?
i guess we will soon see.

lowkey: so does this mean dat game meat is ready,
and available for work?

dr-seuss-gifi’m just asking.
ya know.
for a friend.

screenshots: necole bitchie
instagram: the game
you: stay tuned.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Game Goes Ape Shit on Tami Roman”

  1. SO remember Evan Ross….supposedly he was dating Ashley Simpsons, Jessica Simpsons little sister and theyre getting married now?!

  2. everybody ,knows that Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka the game is an undercover faggot who use to go to his mammy’s male strip club and watch all the men strip, he even took his date from change of heart there, no man with a butterfly tattooed on his face is str8 or a gangster

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